Minor Thoughts…Senior Blues

As this season has wound up we say goodbye to one of the most successful senior classes to don the blue and gold in school history. This group ranged from record setters to spot players and each gave their all. I just want to give a little insight on the finality of the finale.

First off, no one expected their last game to be their last game. The championship game was the goal and they had no reason to feel any different. Sometimes though things just don’t go as planned. We then adjust. The vast majority of the seniors have played the final game of their football careers. It will be one they will never forget. Of course they will remember other games as well. The championship night in KC, all the big playoff wins and clinching the LSC to name a few. The sting of the last one has the biggest imprint though…win or lose.

For me personally it was a dominating win at Cameron. When we were done there was no way we thought it was our last one. We were ranked 14th in the nation. 3 teams ahead of us had lost. We were positive we were going to the playoffs for a 3rd straight season. The selection committee had other plans for us though as we found out the next day. It hit the seniors like a ton of bricks not seeing our name in the bracket. Mark Jones, Eric Turner and myself were all 5th year seniors. We had been there longer than the rest. Tears flowed as we all embraced each other as we realized the finality of the finale. It was disheartening. It was over. The end. We flashed back to earlier games and what we could have done better to help the team. Looking back though we knew we had left it all on the field and that was all we could do. No need for tears…that was wasted energy and we had none left.

As it turned out several of us had professional futures, even if it was brief or for 9 or 10 years. But as the odds say, the vast majority of our seniors were done with football. I hope these 2018 seniors enjoyed and valued their time playing this kids game as adults. I also know that if they put their all into it, when it was over they were left with nothing but fond memories they will possibly be able to tell here on the Wire in 30 years. We are proud of you guys and have enjoyed riding along with you. Do not feel sad as you have your whole life ahead of you. Cherish the lessons you were taught and learned. They will come in handy down the line.

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