Prairie Lion Nation: A History, a Recap, and a Rebirth.

A Happy New year to all of you this morning. 2013 was such a strange year personally, but it was described by current AD Ryan Ivey as a “renaissance” for our school, at least athletically. Today what I would like to do is to give some history of this blog, a recap, and what to expect going forward.

In March of 2012, I launched PLN. I had a vision to help TAMUC athletics get the exposure and give fans the voice it so sorely needed. As an alum, I wanted to make a difference, and as they say, sometimes all you need is just one person to make a difference. I love my school, and wanted to see it succeed in every way possible. I started blogging and immediately had a somewhat large readership. A lot of former players, alums of Old ET, and other involved read and provided good feedback. I got invited to a lot of booster club type meetings and watched a lot of practices. I was really getting immersed and found my blogging to really be something I was passionate about.

I have learned a lot since then, especially in my writing style. I learned that even though I am opinion guy, I need to make sure the words I say and write are to encourage the athletes and coaches, as well as the student body. I blogged from March of 2012-April of 2013, and despite the run and the success, a lot of personal changes were happening that I had to dedicate my time and attention to, despite all the good that was happening on campus. I had just gotten an MBA and had finally got that coveted “corner office” spot, before some things that life throws at you had to be dealt with. When Football season rolled back around, I thought I would start this back up, but I wanted to pick a time to just start with a completely clean slate, at a completely new time. I took the mistakes that I had made and the way I ran the blog and thought about ways to really make this a good reflection of the fan base, the school, the athletic department, the alums, and myself. Changes will come, as they always do, but the more the program continues to evolve as Texas A&M University-Commerce, and the more our teams create success under our University name we have had since 1996, the more we will adapt.

A lot of things have happened to put us back on the map. I retrieved a Sports Illustrated article that I will post on here that shows just how well-known, and dare I say, prestigious our University has been historically. In the Summer, we were named the number one Education school in State of Texas, and the 13th in the entire nation, beating out Ivy League schools. We hired a new AD and Head Football Coach, and the Lion Head Logo on the Field at Memorial Stadium drew national attention. We got a Quarterback from the area who had left Auburn University to come back to Texas to play, and our new HC could very well be the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year. (Currently running second.)

Just as our school is experiencing a re-birth of sorts, that is what I am trying to accomplish here. So tell your friends, former alums and sports fans and Lion Fans. This is the place for discussion and a unified Lion Nation. Whether you were Old ET, or TAMUC……..Remember one thing….we are all Lions.


Expect post one tomorrow on Lion related news and notes. Feel free to Comment or introduce yourself, I look forward to meeting you all. Happy New Year to all.

2 thoughts on “Prairie Lion Nation: A History, a Recap, and a Rebirth.

    • Curtis Buckley…..Sir I watched you in the Pros as a little kid. It is an honor to have you on the site. Thanks for the Comment!

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