Lion Athletics Notebook

A lot to catch up on and not a whole lot of time to do it, so here we go.

Lion Hoops-

Thoughts from the past few games.

Thoughts from the past few games.








So, Ladies first.

This Women’s team. Wow. They have a flair for the dramatic. If you were watching the game, like I was streaming it, it was tense until the very last second ticked off. I just saw a very battle tested Lady Lions team that is not afraid to go toe to toe with anyone in any setting, and that is good. The important thing is the fact that you can take off the fact that they are winless in conference play, or winless period. The effort continues to be there, and really as the season goes on, that is all you can ask for, because despite the record, this group can hang with any girls team in the conference. They proved that last year, and they are proving it again. Translating that into wins is however, another thing. That is a sign of maturity of a team, and I guess that is what frustrates me is that this group can do so much better than they are doing. Sometimes, a team just has a tough season where the ball doesn’t bounce their way for whatever reason. I have seen it firsthand, and have experienced it as part of a team that has talent and promise, but the record does not reflect how competitive you really are. The rest of the season will be fun to watch, or better or for worse, but I know one thing, nobody will be able to say this group just rolled over, because it would just not be true in the eyes of any neutral observer.


Offense: B Plus-Overall good output, but three point attempts MUST be better than 2 for 14, it has to be. Free throw shooting could use some improvement, but overall a good overall offensive effort.

Defense: D-The Ladies were up big and kept giving up big runs and made the game much closer than it should have been. Must improve, must.

Coaching-B Plus-HC Anderson continues to navigate a tough season and she made good calls and adjustments to hold onto an emboldening victory that would have been a catastrophic loss.


Men-Deja Vu all over again?

Last year, the Lions started the season in an impressive fashion and faltered down the stretch in the conference games. The first part of the season started with a 11 win run, and the Lions have dropped 3 of their last 4, 2 of them at home. Panic mode? No way. Coach Walker is one of those guys who does not put on the face to the public that anything is just awesome or miserable, but for the fans, we do not want to see a repeat of last year. An exciting start finishing with a big fat whimper. Like their Female counterparts, this is a battle tested group, but what more disheartening is that this group just seems content to sit on leads and not keep pedal to the metal, but like I have said, that is not HC Walker’s game. He likes to grind the games down to the pace he is comfortable with, and honestly with me just a blogger, I am not in the locker room and do not know what strengths his group has and if they should be getting into scorefests, but with Walker being the Coach and me being the arm chair QB,I will say he knows what he is doing, despite the results, but what is the deal with not closing these close games? Lets take a closer look.

What they are doing well/right-

1. Three pointers. Keep shooting them and keep getting good looks.

2. Points in the paint-Almost accouting for 45 percent of the overall PPG.

3. Staying in all close games. – Just have to win them.

What has to be done differently-

1. 62 percent from the free throw line? Please. You lose games that way.

2. Getting leads and trying to salt the game away. In football, its called a prevent defense, and it loses a lot of games, same thing in Baskeball.

3. Losing home games. Road games are tough in the Lone Star Conference, you have to win your home games.


That said, I believe that this next couple of weeks should tell us how the seasons will end. Both have a week off before heading out west to Eastern New Mexico next Wednesday to take on the Greyhounds and Lady Hounds.

More coming over the weekend.





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