Lion Basketballl Gameday

Lions and Lady Lions to take on Midwestern State.

Lions and Lady Lions to take on Midwestern State.


Lets Do This.


The Lady Lions have a 2 PM tip time with the Lady Mustangs of Midwestern State, followed by the Men at 4:30, both in Commerce. You can either stream it via or listen to it with Charlie Chitwood on the radio dial at 88.9 FM for those in the Eastern edge of the Metroplex or stream it at I was planning on making a trip up to the Blacklands today, but someone decided to give me a case of the good old Common cold, so I am taking it easy. I prefer having it on the weekend anyway, it may ruin your fun and plans, but it beats using sick time or going to work feeling miserable. Anyway, to the game……..


Three things Synopsis: Ladies First

Any time the conference play opens, it is important for a couple of big reasons. The first being that really, conference is all that counts on this level. You can go winless in your non conference slate but if you somehow have a superb record or an undefeated record and win your conference tournament, the post season is waiting for you. The Lady Lions have had a rough go so far, but if you take a look at how tough their schedule has been, you can see why. I have a feeling that win or lose, this group is going to be competitive in every game that they play. They will need these 3 glaring improvements…….


1. Harris Can’t Do it all-Breanna Harris is on heck of a player. Last year seeing her I knew we would get great things from her, but she can’t do it all, and nobody can. Even Jordan needed Pippen to help him and vice versa. There is other talent on this team, and they need to step up and make themselves a threat instead of Breanna doing it all. Symone Brown and Devin Oliver both played solid games against ASU, but both of them are capable of really being threats. Symone is a fantastic outside shooter and can also work the baseline well, and Devin Oliver has really bloomed into a contributor, but she is capable of being a real standout. Having so many teams zero in on Harris will free others up and when their number is called, they must learn how to deliver, and they can deliver.

2. Consistency-Falling behind in games and having to make furious rallies, or jumping out to leads in where you are controlling the tempo and then lose it are the worst kinds of games to lose, and really in the game of Basketball, you cannot do this and expect to have a winning record, regardless of how good you are. Going blow for blow with a team, regardless of how good or bad you think they are and staying within an easy striking distance is what makes a good team. Keeping your composure when you are up and learning how to prevent slow starts is key to ensuring your club always gives itself a chance.

3. Slate is still (somewhat) clean-With only one conference loss, and it being a very close one, the Ladies get one more crack at home against an MSU team that is always an LSC contender. Win this game, and your only focus on your 1-1 record. Keep that attitude and confidence.


Three Things Synopsis, Men’s:

1. Keep the “swag” factor going on.-MSU has owned us in Men’s Basketball the past 25 meetings. However, the tables have turned, and for the better. One fluke loss from being undefeated, you have these guys at home, and you have played some non conference games that are just about as good as MSU is and won them in fine form. Who cares that it is MSU. You are a one loss team opening conference play in your house. Kick their butt and send them back home knowing there is more to come and you are an 11-1 team for a reason.

2. Keep Closing-A lot of games have come down to the wire with this group, and expect this one to be no different. It is MSU, and it is almost always a close game. Keeping the foot on the gas should they get a large lead is going to be big, but being smart about it is what is going to determine the outcome. HC Walker is a smart coach and he will call a smart game, but the players have to keep closing, and they know how to as evidenced in their record.

3. Dial up the Treys-The Lions are the best group of 3 point shooters in the league and nobody else even comes close. Stick with what has brought you this far, which has been good shooting and taking good looks. They have not been forced shots, but very good looks created by a good offensive scheme. Do not deviate from this, should the pace of the game allow it.


If anyone is at the game, please use thread to post updates and scores or any analysis.


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