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Concentration on Lady Lions and Lion Hoops. We have a tale of two seasons so far, and to be honest, the way it is being played out right now is shocking to me based on how the seasons ended last year.

The Ladies are having a rough season, and you just hope for them that panic or worse, apathy starts to set in. I don’t think it will, but so often sports has the potential to break your spirit. If you look at the 1-8 start thought, it is not all in the record. With the exception of the two Division I schools the Ladies have played, every single loss has been within 7 points. So many of them could have gone the other way, but didn’t. The first win, which was against Ouachita Baptist, was a game that went down to the wire, and this gives you hope that this group is learning to close games. HC Nicole Anderson, last year’s Coach of the Year in the Lone Star Conference, has been pretty quiet about the struggles of her team. I think that this is a good thing, because it shows that HC Anderson has internal control and is not interested in Coach Speak, but in winning the games and righting the ship. There are only 3 games that the Ladies just ran into a better a team, and all of them are DI schools. Conference play is all that matters at this point, and the biggest thing the Ladies have had to learn is to close games, and I believe that the win against OBU showed them how to, by hitting crucial shots and making the routine plays that win you games.

Next Up: Tonight, 5:30 PM Tip Time

Where: University Fieldhouse, Commerce, Texas.

Radio: 88.9 KETR


Men’s Hoops-

You have to say that this group appear to be very strong, very strong. The fact that this group sits at 10-1 and should be undefeated due to a fluke loss, which is exactly what it was, speaks volumes. This next stretch should tell us what we really ought to know about the Men’s team. Last year this group started with a very similar run and before you knew it, it was a just barely over .500 season. This Saturday the Lions open conference play this Saturday at the Fieldhouse against an MSU team that is ALWAYS tough. This game will speak volumes about where we are as a team. It will be a huge measuring stick for sure, and these are games that a team MUST win in order to be a legitimate national contender. As I just said, this Saturday should tell us a lot.

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