5 Minor Thoughts…week 9 vs. West Texas

Well Lions here we are again. Not much needs to be said as we know what the task ahead of us is.

First thought…well maybe we had our hope’s up a little high. Maybe we expected too much too early. Maybe we didn’t think the dreaded championship hangover would get to us. Either way this definitely is not last years team but we gonna keep cheering them on like true fans do.

Second thought…nice bounce back win last week. Still some kinks to continue to work on but a road blowout win in the LSC is just that. Still we need to keep polishing up a few things.

Third thought…have I said how good the defense is this year? Oh I have…well guess what? They still are pretty dang good. As the offense continues to develop we can definitely count on them.

Fourth thought…we still are in position to make the playoffs and another possible run. Experience is abundant on this team. That will show more so down the line so as long as our hiccups are out the way, we can still have another special season. Homecoming is this week so there will be lots of distractions but coming from a former player’s perspective, it has no effect on preparations. We should and will win.

Final thought…the record is not where we thought it would be but 3 wins during our last games would get us into the playoffs. From there anything can, and usually will happen. The heavy hitters of the regular season are behind us but still some meat and potatoes ahead. We have to be ready to eat and take advantage of each opportunity lying in front us. Let’s pack Memorial Stadium for homecoming. #seeyouatthehawk

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