# 18 Texas A&M-Commerce Lions-55, Western New Mexico Mustangs-7….5 Morning After Thoughts.

Let’s get right to it.

  1. We needed a win like this. A dominating win that was really never in question and one that went a lot better than the last time we trekked to Silver City. That being said, a blowout win where you really did not play all that well, but you made some HUGE plays and kept the other team from doing anything they have been able to do all season. Heading into next week’s homecoming tilt against West Texas A&M, it was important to find a nail and hammer it, and that is what happened.
  2. Defense……what can I say? Dominant. Western New Mexico does have athletic talent, and to be honest they always have. Sometimes that does gets you a score or two. Western put two drives together, and only one ended in a score, but three interceptions, including two that went back to the house for scores just totally blew the game right open. The Lions were up 7-0 and before you knew it, the scoreboard read 21-0 Lions. Western could not do anything on offense after the first quarter. Also, this squad has not been forcing turnovers like they have been in the past, this took care of that little problem.
  3. On Offense, Kane Wilson………..the jury is still out on how good he will be. That being said….there were many times he stepped up in the pocket and had at least 5-7 yards ahead of him, and on 3 occasions, he could have tucked it and ran, but he got sacked. That one is not on the offensive line, he has got to get out of there and he has the tools to do it. I understand he is supposed to follow the offense’s plan of attack and get it to the skill guys, but two things are missing. First, the skill guys are still not on the same page as he is, and what good is it to try to force a throw when you can take the ball and make plays in open field? Just tuck it and run. We know this will not be as explosive as years past, but if they can keep getting better on offense and get on the same page, this will turn out alright.
  4. Special teams……I believe Tristan Perry will be an All-American punter by the time he leaves Commerce. The kid is special. Kristov Martinez did what he does, which is hit PAT’s and Field goals and blast kickoffs out of the end zone, in other words, just another day at the office. Reggie Kincaid…….zero to 60 in two tenths of a second because when he got the ball and returned it, before I blinked he was in the end zone. It is great to have an All-American sprinter returning kicks. There is absolutely NOTHING to complain about when it comes special teams.
  5. Finally, we have 3 games left. West Texas comes to town next Saturday at the Hawk, a visit to UT-Permian Basin, and then closing the season against Angelo State back in Commerce. None of these games can be taken lightly. The weakest team we play is on the road, and we all know what can happen there, but West Texas A&M beat ranked Central Washington team, but was shut out last night against Eastern New Mexico. A convincing homecoming win is something we need to have. Time to hit the home stretch hard.

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