Speaking Offensively: 5 Things

Before we get into it, I wanted to address some things that some are bringing up because despite the 3-0 record, a number of fans are just not very happy right now with a thing here or two. Namely, the QB situation, so I want to just be very upfront and honest about some things. This is a fan site that is opinion, and from time to time, some of us are going to have opinions that differ from what the coaches have decided to do. The coaches are not in the business of getting on the good side of everyone’s opinion, they are in the business of winning. Colby Carthel and his staff turned this program around and have given it success the level not seen since the 1950’s. Many of us wanted to see Kane Wilson after the last game because of how ineffective the passing game has been. We might get it, we might not, but that does not matter. If the coaching staff believes that Preston Wheeler is the man for the job, then we fully support them because we ALL want the same thing, and that is to win. To those who believe that a disagreement means we must not trust the coaches, that is completely false. I emphasize that not one negative word has ever been written about a individual coach nor ever will be. We have gripes just like any other fan. These are coaches of the best caliber and we believe in ALL of them and hope they all stay here as long as they can because their record speaks for itself. Now, onto the 5 Thoughts.

  1. Let’s get the passing game over with. Preston Wheeler has completed 59 of 109 passes for 586 yards and 4 touchdown passes. His average right now is 195 yards per game. So he is completing just over 54 percent of his passes. He has been pretty accurate on his short passes, but at some point he will called on to open up the field. One thing that Wheeler probably needs to do is just relax and trust in his play makers, because he has them. Wheeler does have the tools in his box to be successful. I have seen him make some great throws and when he steps into his throws and throws with confidence, he looks good, just look at the Kingsville game during that second half, but the QB position is all about confidence and consistency.
  2. Vincent Hobbs has to get more involved. When you have a situation at Quarterback that we have, having your safety blanket is imperative, and Hobbs is not only the safety guy, but he is also your star. The guy is a legitimate NFL talent and having him is a tremendous asset. I think if he gets much more involved, you will see WHOEVER is at Quarterback feel a lot better and much more confident.
  3. The running game has been great so far, and with EJ Thompson back along with Ovie Urevbu and Carandal Hale, this is the best backfield we have seen in the Carthel era, and the fact that you already have battle tested these guys means that it should take even more pressure off the passing game to move the chains. It certainly did that Saturday night as big runs got first downs and kept the clock running. Thus far, they have produced 427 total yards, almost as much as the passing game. Very Impressive.
  4. The offensive line has really improved with every game that has been played, and you are seeing that with the increased production of the running game, but also if you notice, Wheeler has had a lot of clean pockets to throw in, and the best part, very few penalties such as chop blocks, holding, and illegal blocks. It is a young group, but they are growing up quickly and doing their jobs. They really handled some decent defensive lines thus far, but they will get a test this Saturday in Commerce, but I look for continued growth in this area and watch this group continue to mature.
  5. Having Darrion Landry back and adding him to Marquis Wimberly and Hobbs is great, but two new players are making huge impacts are Matt Childers and Chance Cooper. These guys have stepped up despite their youth and inexperience have grown up quickly. I really like the fact these guys are 2 and 3 in the total receiving category. Having guys who might not be your top playmakers but can make plays early in their career is something that is really a great thing to have. I am also looking for Kelan Smith to step up to his starting position and get more of a impact than it has happened so far, and I have confidence that will happen.


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