Texas A&M-Commerce-21, Eastern New Mexico-11-5 Morning After Thoughts.

  1. Ok, we are 3-0. That is the good news. It may not feel like it, it may feel like in alternate universes we are 0-3 or 1-2, but we are undefeated. I have to keep telling myself that. Right after the game, Russell (AKA Lionmojo) texted me and said “We are getting everyone’s best shot thrown at us.” He is right. Some teams play completely out of their minds when they want to beat a team badly. Something happens, adrenaline, clear minds, a lot of psychological factors play into that. TAMUK hit us with everything they had, William Jewell did, as did Eastern tonight.
  2. The defense……just wow. They dominated last night. They did everything right, and I have never seen a team defend that Eastern flexbone as well as last night’s unit did. HUGE, HUGE props to Scott Power for having his group ready. Eastern could absolutely nothing going on the outside, and Wyatt Strand was running for his life and their passing game was completely neutralized. It was a group effort and the defense won this one tonight. Cheers to them and Coach Power.
  3. The passing game was bad tonight, and lucky for us, we have some running backs in the stable. EJ Thompson and Carandale Hale were both huge, rushing for almost 200 yards in between the both of them. Both had big runs that were momentum changers and both picked up big first downs when we needed them. This is one of the best two headed running attacks I have ever seen on any level, and how young they are just shows how much better they can grow to be. Both of these guys get the offensive game ball, and also the offensive line, you guys were great as well. Wheeler had all day to throw and had a clean pocket because of you. Tip of the cap to the running units and the linemen.
  4. Tristan Perry was tonight’s unsung hero. He was magnificent, punting the ball very well and pinning Eastern deep and making them drive the field, something they could not do at all last night. Perry is a running rugby punter and while I typically despise that style (its just a personal preference) he is VERY GOOD at what he does. We had Cameron Frosch do the same thing for 4 years as well as Hector Dominguez and Chase Thrasher. All of those guys were important and gave the other teams offense long fields to work with. That made all the difference.
  5. Ok, time to address the passing game. The past 2 weeks will not cut it, no way can we go into the heart of the schedule against a ranked Colorado Pueblo team, a ranked and very Good Midwestern Team ON THE ROAD and a very good Tarleton Team and our passing game produce like it has. We will get blow off the field quicker than a piece of paper in a West Texas thunderstorm. We knew that losing Luis Perez would be very hard, and nobody expected his replacement to be his clone, but my question is this. Why did we go to Southern California, move a kid halfway across the country after he wins a National Title in Junior College and is an All-American with great playmaking ability to sit the bench and come in and rush for 1 yard touchdowns? I ask that in a truly inquisitive manner because when I heard Wheeler got the starting job, I thought “Wheeler must REALLY BE GOOD.” He has looked very ineffective the past two games and through much of the first game. He started the first two games out playing pretty well, but the offense was making plays because the defense was playing so well by gifting them the ball with great field position. I want to be wrong about this and hope that Wheeler really is the guy, but right now, I am very concerned about it. In less than 7 days our toughest opponent to date comes to visit the Hawk, and tonight’s passing game has made me more anxious, and not less. Again, I hope to be proven wrong.

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