5 Minor Thoughts…Week 4 vs. CSU-Pueblo

Well we took another teams best shot…gonna be like that all year. Editor’s note-reminder that the final thought is from former ETSU great and HOFer Bobby Bounds…thanks for the hitch pass 😉

First Thought…Defense is not bad at all…which is a good thing considering our passing game struggles early this season. Brucks Saathoff was all over the field picking up 18 tackles with 4 tackles for loss and 2 1/2 sacks earning him D2Football.com national defensive player of the week. This entire group is really developing into something special.

Second thought…I just want to remind everyone this is the 2018 Lions and not 2017. It’s hard to be compared to one of the best ever and especially hard to follow it up. I have faith that our coaches will get the guys in the right place to have continued success. Let’s stay patient.

Third thought…sometimes it’s also good to just be good. Several areas have improved each week and yet they still have a high ceiling to continue getting better. This will be a team that will require our top performances across the board and hopefully that’s what Pueblo will get from us. The running game was solid last week so look for the passing game to make a solid showing this week as well. We have very good players and coaches and this type of game will showcase that…the cream always rises!

4th thought…I would love to see another huge crowd at the Hawk. Personally I unfortunately won’t be able to make it (prior commitment) but I want to hear about how loud and rowdy the fans were as they cheered our Lions to victory in the only top 25 matchup in D2 this week. When the spotlight comes over Memorial Stadium our Lions should shine bright with a full house!

Final thought from Bounds to Minor…”I want to see us take this opportunity and do work. The soft part of the schedule is past us and we have a legit national program coming to town off a loss where they probably got exposed for looking ahead. We haven’t set the world on fire yet but we are 3-0. A win gets us to 4-0. Like Bill Parcells said. “You are what your record says you are.”

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