Speaking Defensively-Greyhound Offense vs. Lion Defense


Hello again, Lion Fans, it’s almost that time….and time now to take a look at how the Eastern New Mexico offense lines up against the Blue Gang defense of the Lions.

If there’s been a constant in the early going, it has been the Lion defense, as expected. The early concerns about everyone being on the same page, and getting to know the terminology of new defensive coordinator Scott Power, seemed to have ironed themselves out, and the defensive group seems to be jelling quickly. Michael Onoha has been a star in the early season, accounting for 4 sacks as an edge rusher.

TALE OF THE TAPE-The Greyhounds do have a bit of a size advantage here, which goes against convention for a triple option offense. They are led in rushing by Paul Terry with 239 yards, followed by Johnny Smith 119 yards, and Wyatt Strand with 104. For anyone that attended the national semifinal against Harding last year, this team will look very similar. Eastern operates out of the Flexbone, with a very limited passing game.

The Lions have a decided talent and speed advantage here, but they must be disciplined this week, and play assignment football. The option offense, whether it be Flexbone, Wishbone, Houston Veer, or whatever derivative of these, relies on fakery, deception, and over pursuit.


Greyhound Offense- Rushing-264.0 ypg

Passing-43.0 ypg

Lion Defense- Rushing-93.0 ypg

Passing-238.0 ypg

Greyhound Leaders- Rushing-Paul Terry 231 yards, Johnny Smith 119 yards, Wyatt Strand 104 yards.

Lion Defensive Leaders-Brucks Saathoff, 20 tackles; Jaylon Edwards-Cooper, 14 tackles; Dominique Ramsey, 11 tackles; Michael Onoha, 4 sacks.

Greyhound Skill Positons-5’10” 190 lbs. average

Offensive Line- 6’2″ 263 lbs. average

Lion Secondary-5’11” 173 lbs. average

Front Seven- 6’1″ 239 lbs. average

THE BOTTOM LINE-While the Greyhounds enjoy somewhat of a size advantage, the Lions have a decided edge in talent and speed. If they continue their early trends, play assignment and limit their mistakes, they should roll here.

It’s time for this team to put a complete, consistent effort here. The Lions have shown flashes of brilliance, only to be offset by undisciplined mistakes, missed timing, and a seeming lack of focus. This is the time to put it all together. The competition is only going to ramp up from here.

Roar Back Here.....

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