5 Minor Thoughts…Week 3 @ENMU

Well we had another tougher than expected game this past week. But another win is all that matters…right? We are adding a new segment for the final thought beginning this week. As a freshman in college at ET my very first pass I caught was from the great hall of famer and my friend Bobby Bounds. Upon my return from a knee injury in the 1990 opener we connected on my first TD, an 80 yarder and the Bounds to Minor connection was established. Bobby has ton of hot topics and opinions and will provide my final thought each week with a “Bounds to Minor” thought and/or opinion so here we go.

First thought…every game is gonna be like a championship game for every opponent. It is the price for winning a national title so we need to be better prepared to expect the absolute best from each and every opponent.

Second thought…every game will be a challenge until we get some continuity. We have some tough games coming and we need to start gelling. There has been some injuries and other circumstances that have slowed this up but we need it to happen sooner than later. The first 2 games it seemed as if we may have felt that the win would come by us just showing up. Each week will be a grind and the sooner we recognize that, the better we will be.

Third thought…statement game is needed. ENMU lost last week to #25 CSU-Pueblo 34-21. They trailed 31-0 at halftime before outscoring the 21-3 the second half. We have to stop the run and this is the time to show that this defense is built for that. Of course they don’t throw it much so getting the D off the field will be key. We need to make a statement that we are gonna defend this Championship and regain the LSC title also by going to Portales and playing our best game year to date.

Fourth thought…we have to be a disciplined team and reduce our number of penalties. 17 penalties thru the first two games is not an extravagant amount but I think needs to be improved upon. We won’t be able to overcome drive killing mistakes in the tougher games ahead. Keep the 3rd down conversion rate good both offensively and defensively. These are all capable things we can do that can set the tone for the type team we want to be.

Final thought from Bounds to Minor… “I think the schedule has helped to this point. Last year was pretty much the same, although we thought North Alabama was more than a .500 team. The non contact rust should be knocked off by now and any personnel decisions have had some time and film to shake out. I would expect to see a much improved product next week in Portales. It’s time, the schedule picks up from here. Teams with the talent to knock us off are coming.”

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