The Lion Wire’s 15 Preseason Questions: B.Minor Edition.

We at the Wire are going to do a 15 question set with our thoughts about the upcoming season before the official preview comes up this weekend. Starting with the great Billy Minor, all of us will answer the same 15 questions. Mr Minor is up first.

1. Predict the Lions regular season record and how they finish in the LSC.
B.Minor: “11-0 overall, 8-0 and Lone Star Conference Champions.”
2. How high are the chances of the Lions finishing the regular season undefeated?
B.Minor: “I give it 90%.”
3. What is your biggest concern heading into the season?
B.Minor: “Playing Midwestern State on the road.”
4. What are you most confident in?
B.Minor: “The experience of the returning defense.”
5. What are the Lions toughest 3 conference opponents in order?
B.Minor: “Midwestern State, Eastern New Mexico, & Angelo State.”
6. Who is your breakout player for 2018?
B.Minor: “Running Back Carandal Hale. He will have a huge season.”
7. What are the 3 biggest games of the year in order and why?
B.Minor: “Midwestern State-our toughest opponent and on road. Colorado-Pueblo-huge matchup with a perennial playoff team, and the regular season finale against Angelo; a lot could be riding on this one and they have played us tough.”
8. What is one HOME game you would like to see on TV this year?
B.Minor: “CSU-Pueblo”
9. Other than the Lions, what other LSC team would you like to see go to the D2 playoffs?
B.Minor: “Angelo State.”
10. Name the most important player on offense, defense, and special teams. 
B. Minor: “Carandal Hale on offense, Peyton Searcy on defense, and Kristov Martinez on special teams.”
11. Which Lion assistant coach is most likely to move up to a bigger school?
B.Minor: “Matt Storm.”
12. What coach on staff would you like to shadow for a game and why?
B.Minor: “Colby Carthel…he’s a national champ.” 
13. If you could go to a recruiting trip with Colby Carthel, where would you go and why?
B.Minor: “East Texas…you can find any thing you may need!”
14. If Colby Carthel eventually gets hired away to an FBS school, where could you see him at?
B:Minor: “I think The University of Houston would be a nice fit for him.”
15. If you could schedule one team for a neutral site game at the Star in Frisco (which has been discussed as a possibility in the future), who would it be and why, conference or non-conference?
B.Minor: “Pitt State! Because they travel well also and other obvious reasons if you played in the early 1990’s.”
Overtime: With this being the first season without Coach Ernest Hawkins, what should the program do to honor his memory?
B.Minor: “I think that before the season opener against A&I, and before the homecoming game, there should be a tribute video played on the jumbotron since there are some people associated with the school who have no idea who he may be. Need to change that.”

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