The Lion Wire’s 15 Preseason Questions: LionMojo Edition



Russell McLean (AKA LionMojo) has his own thoughts and answers to the 15 questions we are pondering at the Wire. Here is The Mojo edition.

1. Predict the Lions regular season record and how they finish in the LSC.
Mojo: “Going with 11-0 regular season, 8-0 in conference, and LSC Champs.”
2. How high are the chances of the Lions finishing the regular season undefeated?
Mojo: “Go with 90%”
3. What is your biggest concern heading into the season?
Mojo: “Replacing Luis Perez and Jared Machorro, no doubt.”
4. What are you most confident in?
Mojo: “The Defense. They return 9 starters, had a banner recruiting year, plus hired the defensive coordinator of the #1 Defense in NCAA Division II.”
5. What are the Lions toughest 3 conference opponents in order?
Mojo: “Midwestern state for obvious reasons, followed by Tarleton State and Angelo State, both games went into the fourth quarter last year with doubt.”
6. Who is your breakout player for 2018?
Mojo: “Carandale Hale or EJ Thompson. They complement each other so well. Carandale gets overlooked, but he had a truckload of combined yards. If he can hold onto the ball, he’ll be scary good.”
7. What are the 3 biggest games of the year in order and why?
Mojo: “A&M-Kingsville-Can they replace Luis? We will get a look that night if we can. Colorado State-Pueblo-they’re ranked and in region. Midwestern, for obvious reasons. Mustangs seem to be our biggest rival now.”
8. What is one HOME game you would like to see on TV this year?
Mojo: “CSU-Pubelo. They should be highly ranked and will be a great matchup.”
9. Other than the Lions, what other LSC team would you like to see go to the D2 playoffs?
Mojo: “Eastern New Mexico. They are a classy group and play hard.”
10. Name the most important player on offense, defense, and special teams. 
Mojo: Offense: Kane Wilson, Defense: Scott Power (I know he’s a coach, but can he get them to buy in to what he’s selling, and can they continue their excellence? But as far as actual players, Brucks Saathof.  Special Teams: Kritov Martinez. He is the best kicker in ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL. That 48 yarder against Minnesota State took the wind out of their fans.”
11. Which Lion assistant coach is most likely to move up to a bigger school?
Mojo: “Money is on Matt Storm.”
12. What coach on staff would you like to shadow for a game and why?
Mojo: “Colby Carthel. I love to hear his pre game pep talks. That dude will make you run through walls.”
13. If you could go to a recruiting trip with Colby Carthel, where would you go and why?
Mojo: “Just name the place, and the longer, the better, because the stories would be endless.”
14. If Colby Carthel eventually gets hired away to an FBS school, where could you see him at?
Mojo: “Texas Tech, he is from West Texas/, he knows how to recruit there, and it is different out there and he knows what it takes to be successful there.”
15. If you could schedule one team for a neutral site game at the Star in Frisco (which has been discussed as a possibility in the future), who would it be and why, conference or non-conference?
Mojo: “Harding. That was an ELECTRIC atmosphere last year and they have some great fans.”
Overtime: With this being the first season without Coach Ernest Hawkins, what should the program do to honor his memory?
MOJO: “Initially, a ERH sticker on the helmet. Eventually, a block of pink granite over by where the team crosses the track onto the field, with a crouching Lion on it, similar to what is in front of the student center. Inscribed with his name, date of service, record, and quotes….”WHEN THE ROLL IS CALLED UP YONDER.”

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