Defense of the Crown…MINORity Report, Vol. 11

With the opener literally right around the corner, I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences on defending the title and what it takes.

First off let me say that in 91 after winning merely the conference title in 90, we were a marked team heading into that season. Every conference opponent would have our game circled. A lot of our players hadn’t had success in Commerce before as we were in the early stages of re-establishing that winning culture. With that being said defending the national title is gonna be way more tough. But the good thing is the culture around Commerce is set…and it is winning. These 2018 Lions have done that a lot. It’s ironic that we didn’t defend the LSC crown in 2017 but left with a national title because the 91 team was eerily similar. A 3 point road loss that should have been won cost both teams the LSC titles. The 2017 team ran the gauntlet while our 91 team lost to the eventual champs in round 2 in what would be Pitt State’s only playoff game that was a challenge.

Enough of those old comparisons let’s talk about this season. These Lion’s are set up for something special. Pueblo seems to be a tough opponent but they are coming to the Hawk. Midwestern in Wichita Falls has been a challenge but we owe them big time and I feel they are gonna deal it to them this time around. Angelo State is always a tough opponent but at the Hawk the “12th” man rules. Undefeated regular season, reclaiming of the LSC crown and number 1 ranking from the start. We will be set to have every playoff game here in Commerce America. After all the playoff travels last season it would be great to have them all in the friendly confines of the Hawk this time around. It will be tough but this team is heavy on defense and that can carry you all the way back to Kansas City again. #seeyouatthehawk

Roar Back Here.....

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