Ask The Opponent: Midwestern State Edition

In the opponent’s seat today is user Casual Observer who did a great job last year. He sat down to provide us the with great and in depth info. Here we go for Ask the Opponent, Midwestern State Edition.


TLW: “Overall thoughts on this matchup?”
CO: “Another heavyweight fight this week. Interested in seeing what Carthel brought in this season. Perez is a stud and I hope our defense can do what they always do, bend don’t break. Rabb has suprised me, I’m hoping that our run game figures it out this week. We looked a little out of sync last week against WNMU in the run game. Hopeful that Maskills magic vs the Carthels (3-5 vs Don and 4-1 vs Colby) continues this weekend.”

TLW: “Have you been surprised by how well MSU has played thus far? Why or why not?”
CO: “I havent been suprised in our record, what have been suprised is in how we are scoring. The first 1st game looked like the MSU of Old, 39/468 yds rushing to 10-19/137 yds passing. The last 2 games we have had more success passing than running (37-56/526 yds – 60/263 yds) , which IMO may be a concern heading into the TAMUC game. Our ability to run at will has been the key to our success for so long.”

TLW: “You guys have a new QB in Layton Rabb, tell us about your gunslinger and his strengths and weaknesses.”
CO: “I am still skeptical, I think we will all have a better feel for how good he is after this game. The first couple games, I was not impressed with his decision making. Last game, his decision making looked a better and it showed in his stats.
He is not gonna run like Hutchison, but if he does decide to run he has just enough speed to get what he needs.”

TLW: “Only one coach in the LSC has a winning record against the Lions in the Colby Carthel era, and that is Bill Maskill. What makes this so?”
CO: “I think I said this last year, experience. Also, I think that Colby recruits in some of the best talent and they never play a close game till they play Midwestern. Midwestern does not always recruit the best talent, but Maskill teaches players how to finish, which comes to handy in all the close games that we often see. I want to know the stat on 1 TD victories maskill has.”

TLW: “If you were a Commerce fan, what would concern you the most about MSU?”
CO: “Maskill magic and the Mustangs at home. MSU finds a way to win at home under Maskill (66-15 81.5% and 11-2 85% at home since 2015)”

TLW: “Flip side, what concerns you the most about the Lions?”
CO: “The Talent. Colby has brought in some dangerous weapons. If they can get their running game going early like WNMU did, MSU may be in trouble.”

TLW: “What matchup are you most looking forward to seeing?”
CO: “Our Oline vs TAMUC Dline. I think this will be the key to the game.”

TLW: “For those who plan to make the trip out West to WF, what is a game day environment like?”
CO: “Really, the enviroment is not something to get excited for. There is a little tailgate in the parking lot that is shut down at kickoff. They try to play videos on the big screen to get the crowd excited pre kickoff. Usaully it depends on the game on the intesity and excitement of the crowd. This weekend is a Blackout game, the team will be in all black and hopefully the crowd. If commerce brings a good crowd this stadium may be as electric as I have seen in a while.”

TLW: “What are some local places to check out for those who want to see the sights in WF?”
CO: “The Wichita Mountains are about 35-40 mins north of Wichita Falls in Lawton. There is a big push to revitalize downtown Wichita Falls, there is always something going on in Downtown on Saturdays. If you looking for food, I suggest Parkway Sports Bar and Grill or Bricktown Bar and Grill. Great places to watch College games and reasonably priced drinks.”

TLW: “Finally, care to predict a score?”
CO: “Maskill pulls it out at home 42-41.”

OT: Of the 3 come from behind victories that MSU has had against the Lions, which one was the best in your opinion?
“The Playoff championship in 2015 that was led by our now Backup QB Hagen Hutchinson.”

Thanks to Casual Observers for a great set of info as always, and here is to another great slugfest between the Lions and Mustangs. 

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