Wednesday Pre-Snap Read


Statistics usually tell the tale of how two teams matchup against each other. In today’s pre snap read, we take a look at the match-ups.

Lion Offense Vs. MSU Defense-

To be completely honest, the MSU defense is not a super great unit, but seeing as how the MSU teams of the past few years have had very good defensive units, that does not mean that the unit is bad, because it is not. However, the Mustangs have really not been tested with the possible exception of Western New Mexico, who scored 24 on the Mustangs. The name of the game in this matchup is going to be go, go, go, go and not pull off the pedal. Bill Maskill likes to slow things down, so go fast. Another thing that I have noticed watching films from the past 3 games is that MSU does not like to defend vertical or spaced out attacks. They have the ability to stop runs with little problem, but when a team puts them on their heels with the pass, that is something that makes them very suspect. Go for that, keep attacking and do not pull of the pedal.

Lion Defense Vs. MSU Offense-

While statistics tell you a lot, they typically do not tell you the entire story. MSU is a highly ranked defense, but look at who they have played. For the most part, weak teams. The Lions have played the number 6  team in the country, a top tier LSC team, and a competent Kingsville squad. Look at what has been done against group of teams and that should tell you that the Lion defense is the better unit. The Lions are 13th nationally in total defense and 5th in scoring defense. Creating turnovers is something that really should give the Lions a huge upper hand. Finally, going after Layton Rabb is something the Lions must do. If he is given time to throw, he could have a big game, if he is hit and harassed all night, that will neutralize his effectiveness and give the Lions a huge head up in this competition.

By The Numbers-

Passing Offense- TAMUC (287 Yards/Game) MSU (231 Yards/Game)

Rushing Offense- TAMUC (94.3 YPG) MSU (243.7)

Scoring Offense- TAMUC (39 PPG) MSU (41 PPG)

Total Offense- TAMUC (381 YPG) MSU (474.7 YPG)



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