The NewsWire: Administration Finalizes New Events Center and Memorial Stadium Plans & Making Commerce a “True College Town” again.


The Specs for the New Events Center are finalized. 

Some of you may have received a letter from University President Dr. Ray Keck that outlined what has been going on in Commerce in relation to both the school and town. A lot of things coming up so let’s get to what is going on and why we Lions should be excited.

In his letter, Dr. Keck said that starting “as soon as possible”, construction will begin for a new events center. Dr. Keck stated that the new events center will house the athletic department and also events, so this will be the new home of Lion Basketball and Lion Volleyball. I have 3 big “hopes” in regards to this facility. First, I believe it would be very appropriate to name the events after the late Dr. Dan Jones. We are building this amazing new facility because of the amazing growth the school has seen in the past 5 years and the tremendous dedication that Dr. Jones had for the school. We would not be where we are at now had Dr. Jones not made the hires and the decisions he made. His legacy lives on, and I believe that we should honor his memory and legacy. Second, I hope that there are trophies and awards galore that display the tremendous success our Men’s Basketball program has had in addition to honoring our Women’s team of 2006-07 that went to the NCAA Elite 8. I like the idea of having banners up but putting them in distinct places and keeping it only to Basketball and Volleyball. Third, I hope we can name the court after someone important to the Basketball program. I like the idea of Bob Rodgers, Norman Pilgrim, or Sam Walker. Rodgers led us to a national title, Pilgrim won a lot of games and conference titles, and Walker is the winningest coach in program history and kept the program stable and successful even in lean years. The events center will also have classrooms for Health and Kinesiology classes, adding to the value. I love the design, as it is essentially a much newer version of the field house. Still loving the arch design for the roof.



One of the knocks on Commerce is that the town does not offer much in terms of a downtown area, but one thing that might be changing soon is how downtown looks. Back in the 50’s. 60’s, and 70’s, Commerce was a true college town. As Dallas and other bigger cities grew, people left Commerce and moved closer to Dallas. Now, with the metro area continuing to encroach near and by Commerce, you can expect more people to make the immediate area grow. That being said, the same civil engineering group that renovated the Downtown Sulphur Springs has been tasked with doing the same thing in Commerce. It will be interesting to see, as several new businesses have opened in Downtown Commerce, including Mugs Coffee (A place you MUST TRY if you are a coffee person). There seems to be a lot of great things on the horizon for the city and the school.

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