Road Trippin’ Volume 2: A Look at the where the roads lead in 2017.

August 31st-Vs. North Alabama-Florence, Alabama


Braly Municipal Stadium in Florence, Alabama

Distance from Commerce: 550 Miles

Florence, Alabama is a really neat town and really great place to take a trip. Located near the Alabama-Tennessee state line, the natural beauty of that part of the country cannot be beat. I swung through that area years ago while in Tennessee on a family vacation to the Smoaky Mountains in the Southern part of Tennessee. The town has some pretty cool points of attraction and it has a lot of fine art attractions and museums. Of course, the campus of U. North Alabama is a beautiful site to see and really looks like the traditional campus one would find in the Deep South. The scenery cannot be beat, but if you plan to make this trip, take a long weekend, but it will be due to Labor Day, so enjoy it. Also, Braly Municipal Stadium hosted the NCAA Division II Championships for 27 years. Great stadium and they spared no expense in maintaining it.

Kingsville, TX- September 23rd


Distance From Commerce: 473 Miles

A ton of things to do in Hoggieville. The beach is about 20 minutes away, and the Summer would be ending that Weekend, so a great time to take a trip to the shore. The King Ranch is incredible to see, and South Texas in general is very nice at that time of year. Visiting the TAMUK Campus is also something I would do if I were there. The Spanish archetecture of the school and the way it was created is really something that makes Ole’ Texas A&I a nice place to visit. Also, Javelina Stadium is a great place for a game and about as you can get for a DII Stadium. This stadium will be rocking when the Lions come to town to battle for General Chennault’s Cup.


Memorial Stadium, Wichita Falls, TX

October 7th, Wichita Falls, TX

Distance From Commerce-172 Miles

So, there is a lot to look at in WF, just not a terrible amount to do. MSU has a pretty nice campus and it is where the Dallas Cowboys used to host training camp, but really Wichita Falls really does not have a whole lot of really great points attraction, but one worth checking out is Sheppard Air Force Base. A lot can be seen and they do give guided tours from what I understand and you might catch some cool training exercises. Other than that, the Stadium is off campus and not really super engaging but it is big. Just get there and watch a great game between two good teams. I will be at this game due to just being about 100 miles from from WF.

October 28th, Canyon, TX

Distance From Commerce-406 Miles


Kimbrough Memorial Stadium, Canyon, TX

Honestly, if I could go one place, it would be here. Canyon is a neat little town and is just south of Amarillo. When my younger brother was a Sophomore at Texas Tech, he and his friends took a weekend trip to Caprock Canyon which is a great tourist destination. The pictures I saw were nothing short of amazing. Some of you might be thinking, “The South Plains, really?” Yes. It is an experience that makes you realize how vast Texas is and how diverse the state really is. WTAMU is a good campus to check out, a lot of nice and new buildings. Kimbrough Memorial Stadium is off campus, and I mean WAYYYYY off campus, but the place has some great spirit and who doesn’t love it when the Buffalo faithful boo and jeer their loudest when the Lions walk in? I know I do.


A renovated Tarleton Memorial Stadium, Stephenville, TX

November 11th, Stephenville, TX

Distance from Commerce: 165 miles

Stephenville is good college town and also has an appeal to it that I really cannot put a finger on. I ran at Tarleton Memorial as a high school senior in the Regional Track Championships and I really thought the area was great. TSU is a nice campus and the town is neat and well kept. It has a cowboy like atmosphere, and the stadium is really being upgraded, as seen above. This is another game I will make as it is about 100 miles away. Stephenville also has some great small towns around it to visit, so this is something you can make a weekend of, especially watching the battle of the President’s Cup in a renovated stadium.

Here is to some great road trips this upcoming season.

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