Runnin’ it Down-Updated School Rushing Records.

With Richard Cooper having a fine career in Commerce it was time to update the statistics in regards to the rushing game that we have in Commerce. Keeping accurate records is what we aim to do and also show everyone how the Lions of the current are now setting records of their own much like the Lions of the past did, so here they are.


“King” Arthur James retains his throne as the top rusher in Lion Football History.

Career Rushing Yards-

  1. Arthur James-4,285
  2. Aundra Thompson-3,757
  3. Cary Noeil-3,268
  4. Ricky Dirks-3,191
  5. Richard Cooper-3,174
  6. Jarrod Owens-2,278
  7. Mike Richardson, Jason Smith-1,994

9. Marcus Graham-1,990

10. Cliff Edwards-1,986


Richard Cooper’s fantastic 4 years have etched him into Lion Football Lore. 

1,000 Yard Club. These players rushed for at least 1,000 yards in a season and also serves as the most rushing yards in a season. Notated below are the player, the yards, and the season. Yards are in bold.-


The Great Andra Thompson put up big time numbers. He still holds the record for most rushing yards in a season. 

  1. Aundra Thompson-1,796-1975
  2. Arthur James-1,538-1968
  3. Arthur James-1,334-1969
  4. Richard Cooper-1,331-2015
  5. Cary Noeil-1,307-1981
  6. Kenneth Parks-1,302-1972
  7. Ricky Dirks-1,299-1983
  8. Demetrius Rector-1,167-2001
  9. Mike Richardson-1,095-1977
  10. Aundra Thompson-1,086-1974
  11. Ricky Dirks-1,070-1982
  12. Cliff Edwards-1,041-2005
  13. Craig Powell-1,020-1973
  14. Richard Cooper-1,004-2016


Most Rushing TD’s in a Season-

  1. Aundra Thompson, 21-1975
  2. Marv Brown-19-1952
  3. Jason Smith-14-1996, Arthur James-14-1969

5. Arthur James-13-1968

6. Cary Noeil, 1980, Kenneth Parks, 1972-12


The great bruiser back of the early 80’s Cary Noiel finds himself on just about every major list.

Individual Game Records-


Deric Davis’s night against McMurry put him into the record books for most TD’s in a game. 

Yards in a Game-Arthur James, 323 vs. Abilene Christian, 1968

Attempts in a Game-Kenneth Parks-49 vs. Carson-Newman, 1972

Rushing TD’s in a Game-Deric Davis-5 vs. McMurry, 2013


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