Vs. Tarleton State-5 Thoughts


Deric Davis drops back to pass in the Lions 56-24 win over Tarleton State in October 2014. 

  1. Going for win number 10 is a big deal. We have not won that many games since 1990, and to think we are two points away from being undefeated and probably the top ranked team in the region. Doing it against an arch-rival is a even better, and it being at home with it being Senior Day.
  2. Speaking of Seniors, this would be the first and only class to ever go 4-0 against the Texans and take 4 straight President’s Cup games. I spoke to HC Carthel after the Kingsville game about this senior class being the first ever to beat Kingsville 4 straight years, and he talked about how the culture change that has been implemented has bore good fruits, and it has.
  3. Tarleton is a team that can play up and play down. They have lost by 11 to West Texas A&M, but almost beat both Southwest Baptist, Midwestern State, and Texas A&M-Kingsville. The Texans can be a team that can take down anyone, and at the same time can be beaten and underperform,  but the team is on the upswing.
  4. Todd Whitten has gotten TSU back on the upswing. Having a strong conference is the best thing for everyone in the conference, and he has done a great job taking over for Cary Fowler. Whitten wants to be in Stephenville and loves TSU, and having a coach that has that attitude is the best thing for a program trying to rebuild. Just remember we were there just 5 short years ago. Look for a strong and tough Texan group.
  5. The nature of the rivalry between us and TSU falls into the category of a “classy and classic rivalry.” TAMUK is the team that you slug it out with because you have a history with and you hate to lose to them, and they hate to lose to you, but at the end of the game, everyone shakes hands. West Texas is the team you hate and want to just beat the you know what out of. Their fans hate our fans and vice versa. We hated them and they hate us, the rivalry with West Texas is a nasty rivalry. The one with Tarleton is different. Small college towns with students from mostly the same type of backgrounds and the two largest schools in the A&M system going at it. It is a rivalry of class and that is what I like about it. Kinda hard to hate TSU.

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