Lions Vs. West Texas A&M-Five Thoughts


  1. This Game: A huge opportunity to erase what happened just 3 short weeks ago. I have never seen a chance like this come across the table with all of the near hits and misses the program has had over the past few seasons. This makes it all go away. A win against West Texas A&M and The Lions control their own destiny.
  2. WT, most can see, if somewhat of a bi-polar team. At times they look like they can play with anyone in the conference, and then it looks like they should get steamrolled with some of the way they play certain teams, that being said, this a team that CANNOT be overlooked. They have a decent team and CAN PLAY.
  3. Once again, this is another chance to blow a team out that we should blow out. Polls are really going to play a big part in how and what our playoff chances and scenarios look like, it is going to be a big chance to move up to the top 5, or at least near it, and really, a top 4 or better rankings in the regional rankings which guarantees us a home playoff game, our first to host since 1991.
  4. The emergence of some of the younger players is really something I am thrilled about. Justice Luce, Shawn Hooks, Buck Wilson, Garrett Bluebaugh, these guys, some of them experienced, some of them not so much, have really stepped up and made plays. Throw Ovie Urvebo and Tristan Slaughter in there as well. These guys are going to have to step up in the coming years and the way they are maturing now makes me very pleased.
  5. Finally, a matchup against WT is not complete without the Carthel saga. Colby Carthel is playing to win games as the head coach of Texas A&M-Commerce, not to beat the West Texas A&M Buffaloes. If there was ever a situation that showed that a man can move forward and be successful it is this. This game will always mean something in that regard, because WT feels like we stole their mojo, but I would like to think that Colby Carthel just helped us get our mojo back.

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