Vs. Midwestern State Mustangs-Storylines, Starters, and stuff you ought to know.

Alright, lets get down to business.



# 7 Midwestern State Mustangs




# 4 Texas A&M-Commerce Lions

When: Saturday, October 8, 7 PM kickoff.

Where: Texas A&M University-Commerce Memorial Stadium, Commerce, TX

Weather: 67 Degrees at Kickoff (Ahh, Fall Weather) Wind Northwest @ 7 MPH

TV: ESPN3 and WatchESPN, Streaming Live on the Lion Sports Network

Radio: KETR 88.9 (Commerce and points North or West) or KETR.org or KSST 107.1 (Sulphur Springs and points East)


Offense-(Spread, Spread Pistol)

QB-Luis Perez, 6’3 220 LBS, RS-JR, San Diego, CA

RB-Richard Cooper, 5’9, 195 LBS, SR, Angleton, TX

WR(X)-D’Arthur Cowan, 6’3, 185 LBS, JR, Olive Branch, MS

WR(Z)-Lance Evans, 6’3, 200 LBS, SR, Midlothian, TX

WR(H)-Darby Smith, 5’10, 180 LBS, SR, Ennis, TX

TE-John Thomas, 6’6, 255 LBS, SR, Bossier City, LA

RT-Poet Thomas, 6’6, 325 LBS, SR, Beverly Hills, MI

RG-Avery Poats, 6’5, 300 LBS, SR, Los Angeles, CA

C- John Aguilar, 6’1, 280 LBS, JR, Lubbock, TX

LT-Jared Machorro, 6’7, 280 LBS, JR, Coldspring, TX

LG-Jason Osei, 6’5, 300 LBS, SR, London, England


Defense- (3-4 Defensive Set, Multiple)

DE-Peyton Searcy, 6’0, 275 LBS, SOPH, Killeen, TX

DE-Kieston Carter, 5’11 200 LBS, JR, Mexia, TX

NT-D.D. Fletcher, 6’1, 240 LBS, FR, Arlington, TX

LB-Cameron Rodgers, 6’1, 215 LBS, SR, San Antonio, TX

LB-Garrett Bluebaugh, 6’2, 220 LBS, FR, Keller, TX

LB-Tavita Faaiu, 6’3, 265 LBS, SR, San Francisco, CA

LB-Hatari Byrd, 6’1, 210 LBS, SR, Fresno, CA

CB-Yusef Sterling-Lowe, 6’2, 170 LBS, JR, Oakland, CA

CB-DJ White, Senior 

FS-Chris Smith, 6’1, 170 LBS, SOPH, Mansfield, TX

SS-Trey Porter, 5’10, 170 LBS, JR, Garland, TX


PK-Kris Martinez, 5’9, 135 LBS, SOPH, Edinburg, TX

Punter-Hector Dominguez, 5’10, 190 LBS, SR, Monterrey Park, CA

Punt Returner-Shawn Hooks, 5’8, 165, JR, Dangerfield, TX

Kickoff Returns-Buck Wilson, 5’11, 185 LBS, JR, Commerce, TX


Alright, this is it.

For Midwestern State, you have a lot to lose and even more to gain. For The Lions, it is EVERYTHING to lose and not nearly as much to gain. One slip up and its over. Unlike last year, MSU gets one crack at the Lions. MSU is a solid team, but the question remains about their secondary, it is young and somewhat of a liability. The Lion REC’s on the other hand are battle tested and very talented. MSU’s defensive line is a good group, so keeping Luis Perez upright will have to be a priority. In my humble opinion, the plan of attack for the Lions should be to fire everything you have at MSU in the passing game, and when they start dropping 6 plus guys in coverage, get Richard Cooper in there and let him run wild, and then you have your offensive concoction that should carry you to victory. On defense, it is important that the Lions play disciplined defense and keep their eyes on where the ball is, and not the player. The read option is not easy to defend, but on defense it can cause your defensive backs to be put on an island. Would not be a bad idea to jam the REC’s and have your safeties play deep just in case sweeps and outside stretch plays come your way. It will come down to this, if the offense makes routine plays and plays aggressively and the defense does it’s job, that is the recipe for largest win in Commerce in years.


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