# 7 Midwestern State-26, # 4 Texas A&M-Commerce-25-Post Mortem


A Post Mortem Analysis of a truly horrible loss

I apologize for the late write up, but after the emotional loss last night, tonight I am going to just say what I am going to say. It is not going to get me invited to any booster luncheons or anything like that. Here is the deal, I want Lion Football to succeed more than just about anyone else. The loss last night was not result of poor play, lack of execution, poor fundamentals or anything like that.

It can be placed 100 percent at the feet of the coaching staff, and I hate saying that, I really do.

Colby Carthel and his staff is the best thing to happen to A&M-Commerce Football in over 20 years. We have won games, championships, set records, and restored the great tradition that is Lion football. These guys have done things that have restored pride and the winning tradition, and no, there is no reason to think I am advocating for ANYTHING else but some strategy change.


Last night’s game was the epitome of what happens when a staff has an approach to coaching a game and refuses to do away with it simply because they have labeled it their plan of attack and say to heck with the consequences, because it does not work. When the staff gets a lead against a team that is a good team, they pull off the pedal, and here is how.

On offense, bleeding clock is of course a cogent strategy, but running the ball 3 straight times and then punting multiple times does two things. It gives good offenses multiple shots to go score, and MSU scored twice and won the game. Why?

Because your defense is EXHAUSTED, and is playing prevent defense, which as the great Lou Holtz said only prevents you from winning close games, and this just did not happen last night. It nearly cost us the game last season against Angelo State and this year against Texas A&M-Kingsville. It cost us last season against Midwestern in the LSC playoff championship game, and last night. Even the ESPN analysts were completely dumbfounded by the prevent strategy.

So my question is this. Whose fault is it when your offense plays well, does not turn the ball over, rolls up 400 yards of total offense and holds the ball for almost 32 minutes, defense holds the other team to 13 points with just under 5 minutes left and you LOSE THE GAME?

The Coaches and their strategy.

That is all I have to say. Agree, disagree does not matter. Just my opinion, which happens to be backed up by results that you can see and cringe at.

Onward and upward to hopefully winning out, having MSU lose a game (or two) and learning from this.

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