Vs. Midwestern State-5 Thoughts


First, let me start off by saying this. These are my thoughts. Unfiltered, unadulterated, and nothing held back. So lets get to this.

  1. I want to win this game. I want to win this game about as badly as any game we have played in the Carthel era. I just do not want a small win, I want to give MSU a Texas sized butt whipping, and I want to send a message to the rest of the conference and the media darlings who are used to getting the rankings and favorable seedings. If we win this game, we go on to bigger things. We lose, we better make reservations for the Heart of Texas Bowl in Copperas Cove.
  2. We need to throw it. MSU has one glaring weakness and that is their secondary. Just air it out. Toss Luis Perez the keys to the high octane machine known as the offense and let him do his thing and take the pressure off of Richard Cooper. Take advantage of the one big weakness they have, hit them first, hit them hard, and keep hitting until demoralization sets in.
  3. Midwestern can be tricky to defend on defense. The read option that they use is something that can lull you into crashing the box and the respective gaps and then before you know it, they have tossed a 65 yard touchdown pass. It is super important to make sure that the big plays that won them the second game they played against us are kept at bay.
  4. Bill Maskill…….where do I start? Well first off, you cannot knock what he has done since he has been in Wichita Falls, but I was describing him to a co-worker and said he is what you would get if you rolled Art Briles with Tom Coughlin into one. Great coach, but boy would I love for Colby and crew to take the smile off of his face. I do not know what it is about him that just makes me hope we beat them. To quote the great former Lion Coach Eddie Vowell, “Lets whip their butts from Amazing Grace to How Great Thou Art.”
  5. Having ESPN come to Commerce and broadcast this game from Memorial Stadium is a big deal, and to the fans, I say this, be there and be loud. For years we heard how we want the program to be back to what it once, and we have that now. It is time to show up and show the country how football is played in Commerce, America. Lets not have a let down of what we had during the LSC playoffs last year. Pack the stands and lets rock and get a big victory.

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