Ask The Opponent Volume 4: Midwestern State.

Alright, so I was so excited about getting this out there, I decided to do this first. user Casual Observer, a Midwestern State supporter. I appreciate his info, so here we go.


BTB: Give us an MSU fan’s perspective about this game.

CO: There is buzz and excitement around Campus and the Alumni about this game. The University is promoting the game via Social Media and flyers around campus. Everyone understands the magnitude of this game, Top ten game on the Road for the Conference Championship.

BTB: What gives you confidence heading into this game?

CO: I know people may not like this answer, Bill Maskill. Coach Maskill teams are generally always ready to play. Everyone knows that, when you play MSU its going to be a dog fight. MSU does not lay down. Coach has made that a priority and the foundation of this program.

Also, our OLINE is the one of the biggest I’ve seen since 2012, I think that we have to win the line of scrimmage. I think they will get the job done. Coach Heron does a wonderful job with these guys.

BTB: On the flip side, what gives you concern?

CO: Their Passing Attack. MSU is usually pretty solid versus the run. I believe our biggest weakness is our secondary. OPSU (280) and WNMU (290) looked strong through the air against us. Commerce passing attack, IMO, is going to be much better than those 2 teams.

BTB: Talk to us about Bill Maskill, and how and why he has had so much success in Wichita Falls?

CO: I said it earlier, he instills that never quit mentality in his teams. He lets his players know that there is a target on their back even if they are not the preseason favorite. Everyone wants to beat Midwestern. Everyone will bring their A game. The only coach in the LSC with a winning record vs. Maskill is Todd Whitten at Tarleton.

BTB: In what you have seen so far in the Mustangs season, what do you like, and what do you think should improve?

CO: We have opened up our passing game this season. We will still take what you give us through the air, but we have shown we are not afraid to take a shot down the field. What concerns me is the secondary, I saw to many guys wide open when we play OPSU. OPSU hit us for big gains, especially on 3rd down. We are young in the secondary.

BTB: What are your overall thoughts on TAMUC coming into the game?

CO: I think this will be a shootout. Both teams score quickly and often. I think it will come down to Special Teams and 1 or 2 key stops on defense.

BTB: Colby Carthel has a winning record against every team in the LSC except MSU. Why do you think that is?

CO: Coach Maskill is a heck of a coach. The man has not had a losing season in his tenure at MSU. Colby is a heck of a coach and recruiter, he is going to win a lot of games. He took over a terrible program, he had to build them to where they are now. Maskill was able to pick up those wins while they were down. I feel that now they are on even playing field, I give Maskill the nod due to his experience.

BTB: MSU seems to travel well, can TAMUC fans expect a lot of Maroon and Gold for this game?

CO: I hope so, MSU has been promoting this game around campus and social media. Sure hope, that the DFW Alumni turn out for this game.

BTB: Who are the main play makers on offense, defense, and special teams?

CO: Offense: Coward, Jones, Johnson, Seals
Defense: Ford, Wills, Luna, Eteaki
Special Teams: Grays and Henton. Henton has a leg, but has struggled this season.

BTB: Finally, predict the score. 

CO: 41-38 Midwestern in a Classic!

BTB Bonus: Why did MSU Change mascot names from the Indians to the Mustangs?

CO: I came in after the name change. It was my understanding that we made the change after the NCAA deemed, the Indian name, hostile and abusive.

Thanks so much to Casual Observer for the great interview and info! Here is to a great game on Saturday!

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