Ask the Opponent Volume 4: Oklahoma Panhandle State.


The Quad at Oklahoma Panhandle State University

 This week’s ask the oppoenent, we sit down with user and OPSU fan NewOPSUDad as he was kind enough to take time to chat with us and provide us with some  game info and some notable things about OPSU.

BTB: How are the OPSU fans and alums embracing the move the LSC? What would you say the mood is surrounding it?

OPSU: The move to the LSC was to compete in a purely DII milieu basically.

BTB: We have heard OPSU has a pretty great game day atmosphere. Tell us about that. 

OPSU: You’re gonna get a game in Goodwell. Don’t listen to CSU-P and others with their “we played down” road apples.

BTB: For those who are going to travel to Goodwell, tell us about some points of interest that are either in the town or around the area. 

OPSU: Go Watch the Ken Burns documentary on the Dust Bowl.

BTB: Historically, how has the OPSU Aggie Football program been? 

OPSU:  It’s a .400 program historically. OPSU does have a college football HOF member. OPSU also had one of the fastest persons on the planet (at the turn of the millennium) in the program in the mid-90’s.

BTB: Overall, what is OPSU’s best sport or most popular sport?

OPSU: Football. Biggest success has been in basketball ~25-30 years ago in NAIA.

BTB: With you guys coming into the conference, is there anything that the school plans to do in regards to the athletic facilities as far as upgrades or adding any new ones?

OPSU: Not that I know of. Personally, I love the facilities. They’re ancient in appearance, but, in the end, the only facility of import is 120 yards long and 53 yards wide. The playing surface, since it was redone with Olympic quality turf from OSU, is better than turf I’ve seen in NCAA DI National Championship games in the 1980’s (e.g., Huskers vs. U in the 1984 Orange Bowl)

BTB: I have seen the quad at OPSU and love it. What are some of the focal points on campus?

OPSU: Activity Center (Noble). OSU extension just off campus. Pitch and put course just outside faculty and student housing. The drive from OK 64 to campus.

BTB: Give us your thoughts about the upcoming matchup. 

OPSU: The last program to have their way in Goodwell was NWOSU in 2009. I will just say that.

BTB: Who are some Aggies to keep an eye on that are your playmakers, and what makes them special?

OPSU: Devin Williams. Speed. Make a mistake, and you will be looking at the seam on the backside of his Under Armor. Truelove. He is from an FCS/DII equivalent program at Santa Ana College. He has two years of experience against programs as good as any in the LSC. And, that was before arriving in Goodwell.

BTB: Tell us about Coach Russell Gaskamp and how he has built a competitive program in such a small town and school.

OPSU: Coach Gaskamp was the center at UT in the Ricky Williams era. He has coached in three different LSC programs. He knows (and we know) there is nothing different between his program and other LSC programs, with the exception that he has 20-25 less full scholarships to work with. The student/athletes he brings in understand this implicitly.

BTB: Bonus: What are some cool facts about OPSU that most people might not know?

OPSU: Ranking in US News and World Report is illusory. USNWR only recently admitted that RNP programs are those who can’t be bothered with providing them with documentation. The year OPSU did provide information (2012?), the institution was ranked as the #8 public regional college in the Western region (which included every state West of the Mississippi River, as opposed to the current regional definition that places four states in another region).

Thanks to NewOPSUDad for a great set of info. Here is to a good game Saturday!

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