Ask The Opponent Volume 2: Eastern New Mexico Greyhounds

So, due to a running late itnerary, I am going to give the day to our weekly session with our opponent representing Eastern New Mexico. I will have the 5 thoughts up as the opening thread for the game. So, here is user gohounds to give us some insight into the game.


The Annual Wagon Wheel Game win against West Texas A&M. 

BTB: Since Josh Lynn took over, what has made made ENMU a contender in the conference every year?

GH: Bringing back the triple option sort of leveled the playing field for the hounds. An overall change in Culture and recruiting philosophy. They went back to focussing their recruiting efforts in New Mexico and West Texas and like Bud Elliot had done during his very successful tenure at ENMU.

BTB: With every team running the spread or out of the spread, does having ENMU run the option/wishbone give them an edge?

GH: I think it allows them to find value in players that other people dismiss. I think running something different that a lot of people don’t see also helps, but I think a big part of it is how much more diverse the ENMU version of the Triple Option is compared to a lot of the others.

BTB: What do you think about the new stadium, and what are some of the best things about it?

GH: The Tailgating area and allowing alcohol, The JUMBO tron, and music makes for a much more festive environment. #1 is that it is ON CAMPUS!

BTB: Despite the game being new, will you guys ever see or look at Western New Mexico as a potential trophy rival?

GH: I hope so.

BTB: Now that you guys have the new stadium, what would you guys like to see happen to the old stadium?

GH: All I know is that I have heard they are selling it. A shame. 

BTB: For those who do not know, where does Blackwater Draw get its name from?

GH: It was built next to an archeological dig site by the same. 

BTB: What are the biggest challenges for the Hounds facing the Lions?

GH: I haven’t seen the Lions play so I couldn’t tell you, but I know Richard Cooper is a great running back. 

BTB: Jeremy Buurma was a great QB, tell us about your new man under center.

GH: We have played 2 so far. Adam Lucero has a skill set similar to Buurma. Throws the ball much better than most Option QB’s, and has been in the Hounds system for a while. Wyatt Strand looks to be the best runner the Hounds have had a QB in a while. Against WNMU he ran the Option very well and showed that he has a Big Arm as well.

BTB: For a lot of teams getting ready for you guys is tough, how tough is it for you guys to get ready for spread teams?

GH: Don’t know, but I wouldn’t think it would be a big problem because players grow up seeing so much spread. ENMU does have plenty off QB’s/WR on their roster that can throw and catch it so they shouldn’t have any problems simulating it in practice. 

BTB: Give us a prediction on the score Saturday.

GH: 35-31. 

BTB: Bonus: Who are some game changers for you guys?

GH: Offensively Cass will get his yards, I would think with everybody keying on him one of the other RB’s Tucker or Gary could be a game changer. Defensively we have traditionally been very good at stopping the run so we’ll need our secondary to play well to have a chance at a upset.

Thanks to GoHounds for a good set of info!

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