Game Day Open Thread (Plus 5 Thoughts)


Hounds Vs. Lions. Lets Do This. 

  1. No Colby Carthel-I really do not know how HC Carthel delegates the coaching, but I know this, if they work for him, they share his overall philosophy on coaching. They have a plan of attack the job of the players is to execute. I also wonder how hard this must be on him as I am sure he wants to be with his coaches and players more than anything.
  2. Ground Vs. Air-In this game, expect The Lions to use the air early to score quickly and then the ground to end the game. This might be a game that is over in 2-3 hours long due to how quickly both teams will probably keep the clock running.
  3. No getting behind-ENMU cannot get ahead and the Lions expect to have an easy time. Cannot happen.
  4. Take the crowd out-If the Lions do what they did against Delta State, they will have the Greyhounds crowd out of it and that makes things much easier. No crowd equals no passion.
  5. Game Notes: Game can be streamed via the Lion Sports Network with Charlie Chitwood and Brock Calloway on the call. For those out in East Texas, KSST in Sulphur Springs has the game covered for you, while Brock and Charlie have you covered in North Texas and places northward on KETR. Kick off is at noon.

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