Post Mortem: Texas A&M-Commerce 66, University Of Faith Florida 0


Overall Thoughts: Well, as many of you already know, I have joined the KETR and Lion Sports Network broadcasting team as a sideline commentator for the season. I will be doing the home games and tonight was my first one. I had the privilege of working with Charlie Chitwood and Brock Calloway and both of the guys were tremendous and could tell I was nervous but did everything to assuage my nerves and both guys are just very good at what they do. I won’t be back on the air for another 3 weeks, which is when we play TAMU-Kingsville back in Commerce, but I am looking forward to it.

Just a couple of thoughts before I get off to bed. The Lions really look like a team that could make some serious noise. The O-Line is as big and bad as any I have seen on ANY Level. We had to play this game, regardless of how weak the opponent was. Truth be told, I was pleased with how U Faith handled things. They knew we were not out to embarrass them, and they took it in stride. They just want to play Football and build a program, and this is the stuff you have to do to do that.

Not going to do MVP’s or grades because there was nothing I could really evaluate that performance that I saw, but the entire team impressed me and it was clear from the first drive that we had overmatched them easily. Next Saturday will not be quite as forgiving, its time to get ready for Delta State.

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