Game 1: Vs. University of Faith Florida Glory Eagles


University of Faith Florida Glory Eagles



Texas A&M-Commerce Lions


When: Thursday, 7:00 PM

Where: Memorial Stadium, Commerce, TX

Weather: 90 Degrees, North Wind @ 5 MPH

Storylines: It is nearly impossible to do a decent preview of this game other than to just basically look to see what we have to start the season.  I looked near and far for just about any information on any player that Faith Florida has and found nothing. If you want a good preview of the environment, you can look down at the archives where I found a Tampa Bay Tribune article that was posted online and put it on there for folks to get a good look at what kind of program we are facing. Here is another nook. When the athletic department called up over 70 schools to find a replacement for North Alabama, U of Faith got wind of our predicament and contacted us. Really, what they are doing is looking to get exposure for their program and pocket some cash for taking beatings, most of them very bad ones. Many people believe that this is the best team that Colby Carthel has had in Commerce from top to bottom. Really, I hope that this small and rather unique school does have a future. I read the article and as someone who shares the faith and beliefs of the men who founded Faith Florida, I hope that these funds can be used to build up their program. Either way, we need to play a game before Delta State, we need to have the 7000 or so fans that will show up, and we need to get to good look at what we have on both offense and defense.

A side note: There is a possibility that I will be working the sidelines during the game for KETR and the Lion Sports Network. It is possible, so send some good thoughts my way if that does come to fruition.

Tomorrow we will take a look at the projected starters and some overall game strategy.

Roar Back Here.....

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