Conference Crashers Part 3: Western New Mexico University


Western New Mexico University. Seriously, who would NOT want to wake up to this every morning before class?

Quick Facts:

Mascot: Mustangs

Founded: 1893

Location: Silver City, NM

Distance From Commerce: 830 Miles

Enrollment: 3,528

Notable Alums:

Antia Scott Colmen-Noted American Poet and Essayist

Rod Windsor-Wideout for the Cleveland Browns

Kenneth Brewer-Award Winning Poet Laurete

Henry Morales-New Mexico Politician and State Congressman

Overall Opining: First, Western New Mexico is a beautiful campus with a beautiful setting. New Mexico for the most part is a beautiful state. The mountains, the rivers, the woods, I have been there twice on family vacation and would love to make a trip out there. Like I said in an earlier write up, if you got out there for Lion football, make it a long weekend. Leave Thursday, drive out there, get there Friday to see the sights and meet the people, watch the game Saturday, Leave back Sunday, and then get back Monday to rest. Either way, WNMU has a good void for the conference and having them expands the conference into 3 states and brings another good school into the fold. While not a very selective school from an academic standpoint, it is a good quality school and is known as a school that focuses greatly on educational disciplines and pumps out a lot of teachers and school administrators. The facilities of the actual school cannot be beat as they reflect Spanish architecture and have their own flair. As far as the athletic program goes, the overall program is not very strong in a lot of the big sports, but does have a strong golf program and tennis program. Every little bit helps, but I do believe with them facing the strength of the LSC, all of their programs will get better.

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