Lions Pre-Season Top 10, 5 Thoughts

The American Football Coaches Association released their top 25 pre-season poll and they have the Lions at # 9, the highest ever pre-season ranking since the coaches poll started back in 2000. This is a pretty big deal to come out ranked in the top ten, and one thing you notice is that the Lions and Indiana College are the only top ten teams that did not win at least 10 games. Poll after the 5 thoughts.


Will a top ten pre-season ranking have the Lions hoisting their third straight LSC title in as many years?

  1. Surprised we are ranked ahead of Midwestern. They always seem to get the advantage over us, but the coaches obviously feel we are a better team overall. This is somewhat strange in that a team that is filling a new slot at quarterback and has some tough road games ahead, but it will be telling, but a large core comes back next season for the Lions.
  2. This raises the issue of whether or not we are expected to blow out Faith Florida in a terrible fashion, as in scoring near 100 points. Colby Carthel is not going to do that, he has never done it before, and he is not going to start now, but will not totally embarrassing a team cost us a spot in the second week?
  3. Speaking of the second week, we have a tough Delta State team that week, but DSU is not ranked, but that does not mean a thing. I wonder why they are not even receiving votes in the poll, but this makes DSU an enigma and add to that the fact this game is on the road and there are a lot of unknowns, and it puts a big target on this team’s back.
  4. I wonder what all the coaches who voted for TAMUC saw, and despite the gaps. The quarterback situation is something typically is a large part of the team makeup and core, but with the fact that the top running back in the conference plays for us and provides us with the balance, that takes a lot off the shoulders off a quarterback, and gives the QB more rope to work with.
  5. I do believe the defense is a huge reason that ranking is what it is. When the defense played and showed up, it played out very well. A shutout against Tarleton and holding most opponents in conference under 25 points. Not bad. Also, Midwestern checks in ranked 14th, while Angelo State, West Texas A&M, and Texas A&M-Kingsville are all receiving votes.

Here is the Poll.

2016 American Football Coaches Association Preseason Division II Coaches’ Poll
August 15, 2016
Rank School (1st votes) 2015 Rec. Pts. 2015 Rank*
1. Northwest Missouri St. (29) 15-0 749 1
2. West Georgia (1) 12-2 676 3
3. Grand Valley St. (Mich.) 12-3 658 4
4. Shepherd (W.Va.) 13-1 638 2
5. Colorado St.-Pueblo 12-2 581 5
6. Ashland (Ohio) 10-1 523 10
7. Minnesota St. 10-2 466 13
8. Indiana (Pa.) 9-3 364 19
9t. Henderson St. (Ark.) 11-2 363 12
9t. Texas A&M-Commerce 8-4 363 23
11. Slippery Rock (Pa.) 12-2 360 7
12. Ferris St. (Mich.) 11-1 359 6
13. Humboldt St. (Calif.) 10-2 353 16
14. Midwestern St. (Texas) 10-2 344 9
15. North Alabama 9-3 330 15
16. Indianapolis (Ind.) 10-2 276 18
17. Tuskegee (Ala.) 10-3 241 11
18. Colorado School of Mines 8-3 228 NR
19. Minnesota-Duluth 9-3 196 NR
20. Central Missouri 8-3 184 NR
21. Assumption (Mass.) 11-2 144 17
22. Catawba (N.C.) 9-3 140 25
23. Sioux Falls (S.D.) 9-3 125 21t
24. Emporia St. (Kan.) 11-3 124 8
25. Augustana (S.D.) 9-3 119 24


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