Conference Crashers Part One: Oklahoma Panhandle State University


“The Quad” at Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Quick Facts:

Mascots: Aggies

Founded: 1909

Location: Goodwell, OK

Distance from Commerce: 490 Miles

Enrollment: 1,720

Notable Alums: Jim Holder, College Football Hall of Fame Member

Frank Beede-Former NFL Football Player

Overall Opining: OPSU is a good addition to the conference for two big reasons. Reason one, joining the LSC for many schools has ended up being a step up for them in terms of endowment, budget money, and overall quality of the schools. I believe that our conference from top to bottom has some of the best sports programs in the entire country.  Second, it gives just about every established team a “trap game” to go to. OPSU’s Carl Wooten Field is smaller than my High School’s 3A Football Stadium, but I have known there to be some good teams that go into the stadium that were supposed to beat the Aggies and end up losing. Not at all surprising because smaller schools like OPSU typically play with a chip on their shoulder. Also, it gives the LSC another group that has been unreached and that is Oklahoma. Ever since Central Oklahoma, East Central OK, Southeastern OSU, NWOSU, NEOSU, and SWOSU left the conference, there has been no Oklahoma team to represent in the Lone Star conference. Cameron was supposed to get Football back when they joined but they totally reneged on that and the conference has let them get away with it. That aside, having an Oklahoma team back in the conference is good for the conference and should make short trips for West Texas A&M, Eastern New Mexico, and Midwestern State and vice versa. Add to that the elements of the South Plains of wind, heat, and a totally different atmosphere and it won’t be easy for any LSC team to go in there. I would imagine out of all the teams that are coming into the conference, they will fare well the best in the first couple of seasons because they do have an established set of programs and have played LSC teams and know what to expect from which teams. Also, it would be great to see their school benefit from higher enrollment and more economic activity going their way. After all, the point of having a conference is for all teams to be a competitive team. It helps everyone.

OPSU’s game of the year-

I pick them to upset West Texas A&M. Could be wrong, but this is a homecoming game for OPSU against a team that is still a conference team in the mix for success. Watch out Buffs.

Roar Back Here.....

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