Home Improvement Part 4: The Future of The Fieldhouse


The Campus Master Plan that attaches the new events center to Memorial Stadium.

For those wondering about the future of the Fieldhouse, I found out what the master plan does call for.

  1. The special events center will be built within the next 4 1/2 years. The school has been waiting for state funds and appropriations, but the building of the new events center is what kicks it all off from what you see above. The new events center will be the home to the Basketball teams and Volleyball team and also house the athletic offices. Back in May of 2015 former AD Ryan Ivey said that he believed that would be done within 6 years. The entire plan will be the new events center built first where the current east side parking is, then new permanent east side seating rebuilt, and then to top off the project the west side of the stadium is torn down and completely rebuilt. New press box, new seats, new suites for the box, everything brand new.
  2. The Fieldhouse will be torn down. Ryan Ivey had mentioned that he did want to see the facility go, but from a logistics standpoint, it is going to have to go due to the parking that will be lost with the construction of the new events center, but this what the master plan has been for a while and from what I have been told, will be come heck or high water. So that is the plan.
  3. Overall, I feel that the plan to move in the direction that the master plan set forth is the best for University growth and continued excellence in both academics and athletics. The school is expected to be at roughy 15,000 students by the time the events center is completed, which puts us up there with SFA, Sam Houston, and some other larger schools and makes us the prime Lone Star Conference school. All of this talk about going Division I is great, and one day I would love to see us get there, but we need to be top dog in our own conference and in our own Division before that talk starts.
  4. Graduation ceremonies held in a brand new events center almost makes me want to go back to school and get my Ph.D just to experience it. Almost. That being said, it will be sad to see the Fieldhouse go. Many great games and events have been held there, and not once, but twice, I walked that stage to shake the hand of the University President and be awarded degrees. To not have that place around anymore will be bittersweet, but as an alum who wants my school to move forward, you have give a little to get a lot.
  5. Finally, the events center should be named The Daniel R. Jones Events Center.

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