Final-Angelo State Rams 35, Texas A&M-Commerce Lions 33


A truly heartbreaking end to a great season. I really cannot say much about the game other than we played a poor first half, and a fantastic 4th quarter. You have to play all 4 quarters to win, and ASU did that. Congrats to them.

So, it looks as if we are out of the playoff picture, which is so disappointing. That said, we should be getting an invite to the Heart of Texas Bowl where we probably face a GAC opponent. I have no idea who that will be, perhaps Harding again or a Henderson State. However, while the likelihood of playoffs are very small, there is still a chance that we can somehow get in. To be honest, I believe that we should go. Both of our losses were by a combined 5 points, #5 team in the region got beat by a team below 500 and #9 has 3 losses as well. I cannot see how the NCAA could justify one, but not the other, plus you really cannot count the SFA loss since it has no bearing on SOS from Division II’s standpoint.

I will say this as well, this loss was partly on the coaches for calling a truly atrocious first half. That changed in the 2nd half and we almost won on top of that. Oh well, thats just the way the ball rolls.

Post Mortem Tomorrow.

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