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Lady Lions Soccer

Lady Lions Soccer

Consider it payback for our Football team getting hosed out of the playoff picture, but the Lady Lion Soccer team beat Angelo State for the third straight time and are heading to the sweet 16 in D2 soccer. Madison Cordts hit the net in the 44th minute as the Ladies went on to defeat the Rambelles 1-0. The Ladies will head to Colorado to play Colorado School of Mines Friday night for a trip to the elite 8.

Lion Hoops

Lion Hoops

Congrats to Lion Cager Darrell Williams who was named the LSC player of the week for his performance against New Mexico Highlands and Lubbock Christian. The Men are 2-0 on the season and face Ouachita Baptist Thursday night in Arkadelphia. This group really has potential to be a great team after splitting a pair of games in exhibition against two major college DI programs. Expect a write up soon on that.

Lady Lion Basketball

Lady Lion Basketball

Congrats to Lady Lions Jason Burton on getting his first victory as a head coach and the Lady Lions on starting off the season 1-1. The Ladies host Ouachita Baptist this Saturday in Commerce at the Fieldhouse, so make a point to make it to the hangar and support them. The team could very well be 2-0 right now, but this is a young team, but I am expecting a very good showing this year from what I have seen already.

Lion Football-

So, I wanted to mention this. I wanted to thank the family of Lion QB Deric Davis for their fraternity and kinship they have shown to me. Deric is a swell guy and great player and to watch how handled the past 3 seasons shows that he is a guy who has a lot of character. He is a team player and a competitor in every sense of the word. This Saturday as I took my seat, I saw Deric’s parents and they waved me over and handed me a LSC championship hoodie with Davis on the back and the number 9. That means a lot to me that they would make a point to get me something like that and compliment my work. It is what keeps me going the way I have. I am going to miss the Davis family next year, they are just good salt of the earth people. Ryan Ivey told me that his plan was for every athlete to leave Commerce with a Degree in one hand and a Championship Ring on the other, and Deric Davis will leave Commerce with both. He graduated with his degree last spring, and now has a ring on the way. The way that this blog has encouraged a lot of players from those who have told me means the world to me, and it is all about them and for them.

That said, I fully expect the Lions to receive a second straight bowl invite, this time to the Heart of Texas Bowl in Copperas Cove. The LSC has a direct tie in and the highest ranking non-playoff team, which is us, gets the invite. With that, Copperas Cove is only about 2 1/2 hours from here, so I would expect to make that game. Just waiting for it to be official and wondering who our opponent would be.

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