Lion Football: Vs Angelo State for all the marbles. 5 Thoughts

This is the one.

This is the one.

So, the season comes down to this. One game. Win, and you have become the most reversed program in college football, maybe in the entire land. You win your conference, knock off 9 teams, and are going to the NCAA Division II playoffs, something that even some of the best teams in the nation do not get to do (see Eastern New Mexico last year).

Lose, and it seems like the season is a failure. You get a bowl invite, and even that is not guaranteed.

1. Defense-It all comes down to this, on the defensive front, the Lions have to play better than last week, or they will lose. Period. TSU carved up the Lions by using a balanced offense that almost won them a game they were supposed to lose. The injuries have been rough, and they were dropping like flies against MSU. Hoping for a healthy group to come ready to play.

2. Learning from the past-This game scares me because in a lot of ways, we should have lost it the last team we played ASU. Had a guy not gotten a half of a hand on a 32 yard field goal, we would not even be discussing this. This game showed everything that can go wrong with a football team. The most important thing the Lions can learn is that if they play the way they are capable of, they can and should win this one pretty handily.

3. Packing Memorial-The attendance last week was very disappointing. It was a 4 PM game, like this one will be, and there only 5,000 there. That is less than half of what the entire stadium holds. The McMurry game, just a week before had the west side standing room only and spilled over the east side. Around 10,000 fans for a game like that, and last week was more important from a long term standpoint.

4. Don’t force it-Last week, there was a point where I thought the game was over. After the blocked FG for a touchdown, and then Rollison dropping dimes to WR’s to get us a 14 point lead, the play calling was way too outlandish and loose. Rollison tried to be Johnny Unitas rather than just making routine plays. At that point, I felt that the Lions thought they had it won, and what you got was a last second goal line stand that nobody was really expecting.

5. Leave it all out there-This is where I have to say that as a player, this might be your last game. Probably not, but who wants to go to a bowl with the season we have had? This team wants playoffs. So leave it out all out there and go get it. For Commerce, for Texas A&M-Commerce, and for yourself.

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