Week 5 Opponent Preview-Tarleton State Texans


Well, it is that time of year again, when purple clashes with blue and gold. The Tarleton State/ TX A&M Commerce rivalry is one of the best in Division II Football. A lot is at stake, and these two teams both feel like they have as good of a chance to win the game as the other team does. Lets take a look.

Overall Thoughts-Tarleton is the preseason favorite to win the conference. Nobody, and I mean nobody expected that out of us. By their standards they are behind where they want to be, and believe you me, TSU has a rabid fan base and expect to see a lot of purple in the East side stands Saturday. This is where last year’s stunner comes into play. Both teams want the win. Both teams want bragging rights. Both teams want the President’s Cup. Both teams want a Conference Championship. So just some thoughts to think about.

  1. This is a rivalry, and you can thrown records out the window. It was that way last year, and it will be again this year. The Lions must prepare for a revenge minded Texans team, and their legion of purple followers. 
  2. Will Rollison and Tauua be healthy? Both of those guys were victims of dirty plays (whether ENMU apologists want to admit it or not). They knew that Rollison has a bad knee, well two bad knees, but Deric Davis stepped in nicely and showed what he can do. 
  3. Will this be dominated by defense like last year, or do we see an offensive fireworks show, like the last time the Lions actually played in Commerce? 
  4. Cary Fowler Vs. Colby Carthel-Two of the youngest and brightest coaches in the league, and indeed the country, face off again. This is always fun to watch to coaches in the same age range go at it with two rival schools. Both of them had looked at the Commerce job before Carthel got it anyway and Fowler decided to stay in Stephenville. 
  5. Happy Homecoming-Though this is not the Homecoming game, it will be one of sorts. We had 7 thousand fans alone on a Thursday night game, a game night tough for most alums and out of towners to make due to the time of week. I have a feeling with what is at stake, you will see a packed out Memorial Stadium. Seeing all of those fans in the stands will  have a good vibe on the players, and they need noise to get out to a quick start and make quick work of the purple Cowboys. 
  6. Local Attention-With TSU and TAMUC being the two schools closest to Dallas in the Conference, and DFW being the halfway point in the roads between the two teams, I imagine you will have some Football radio networks that will be broadcasting all over every Metroplex/North Texas county. Imagine the exposure this does for us. I am all for that. Write up and previews coming Friday.

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