Lion Football Vs. Tarleton State Texans…..Notes, Storylines, and things that make you go hmmm…..

Tarleton State Texans

Tarleton State Texans


Texas A&M-Commerce Lions

Texas A&M-Commerce Lions

When: Saturday, October 4, 7 PM Kickoff

Where: Texas A&M University-Commerce Memorial Stadium, Commerce, TX

Weather: 62 Degrees at Kickoff, North wind at 6 MPH.

Radio/TV: KETR 88.9, or and streaming live at


Big game. I cannot say that enough. This is the biggest game of the year, and they will just be getting bigger with every passing game. Next week will be bigger than this week and so on. This is where the Lions will find out what they are made of and just how good they are. This is a big rivalry and Tarleton is the closest school to Commerce in the Conference, and they are rivals, a lot of our alums know their alums and vice versa. TSU has a ton of alums in DFW as do we. A lot of pride is on the line. Both teams want and NEED this win. TSU has started the year off rough and is going to refuse to lay down and take anything from anyone. The Lions feel that this year is a year of destiny. Anything less than a conference title and a playoff berth, not a bowl, but a NCAA playoff spot will be looked on with disappointment. Last year we almost got there in year one. Tomorrow is a day I just cannot wait for.


Rollison and Tuaau-First off, Eastern New Mexico players that chop blocked Charlie Tuaau and hit Tyrik Rollison in the head did so intentionally, with the intent to hurt them because they were getting their asses kicked. I am sorry for the french but I cannot think of another way to say it. It also infuriates me that ENMU fans and players have said that it was not all on purpose. I call BS on that. They should be ashamed of themselves and if they end up causing us a game because they are injured, I hope Colby scores 100 next year when ENMU comes for a not so friendly visit to the Blacklands. That said, I am not nearly as worried about Rollison as I am about Tuaau. Deric Davis is a very capable back-up who has started before mind you, and I still think he should have been put in the SFA game when TY was having such a hard time in the pocket. If Double D does play, I hope OC Jared May does not close up the playbook. Davis is capable and he showed it in the spring game last year and in the ENMU game. Now who replaces Tuaau is a bigger question, and he is a huge loss if he cannot go tomorrow. Lets hope both can.

Crowd-Could this be the biggest crowd to see a game in Commerce in years? We had a little over 7,000 to kickoff the season against ETBU, last year we had over 8,000 for Angelo State during Homecoming. Memorial could very well be packed to the brim, and TSU will bring fans for the East side. Count on that.

TSU’s Mentality-TSU has started the season off rough, but they seem to remain confident after their start. It is going to be interesting to see how they think they can beat the Lions on the road. I am wondering how Cary Fowler has his troops ready mentally to go into Commerce and play against a good team. I have said this early and often, TSU is not pushover, and I believe the Lions are in for a fight. A big one.

The Stretch-We have played some tough games up to this point, but this is where it starts. TSU this week, at Angelo State next Saturday, West Texas in Commerce after that, Midwestern after that, and then McMurry to close the regular season and then a two game playoff. The habits of this game should, and I believe will show us what we have to work with the rest of the year. This is where it begins.

Something that makes you go hmmmm……..

Something that I have advocated for the past 4 years is that we get the Saturday night game in the annual game at Cowboys Stadium. Commerce is 83 miles and a very quick 1 hour and 15 mins while Stephenville, where Tarleton is located, is 82 miles away. Arlington is almost exactly equidistant for our two campuses. Think about what both schools could bring to AT&T Stadium with a Saturday night game. Huge alumni bases, huge student bodies, the two biggest in the TAMU system aside from TAMU itself, and a big rivalry game with a prestigious cup. Just my 2 cents and I think its a fantastic idea.


Texas A&M-Commerce Lions-31

Tarleton State Texans-20

Roar Back Here.....

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