Men defeat WTAMU, Ladies suffer a tough loss

Lions 83, Buffalos 82


The Lions roared to a huge and tough win in Canyon in front of sounded like a hostile crowd in the panhandle. Tyrie Wooten hit three huge free throws to win the game 83-82. The group is now at 17 wins and moves into fifth place headed into a huge season finale in Commerce against Tarleton. Big time implications here, and it is a rivalry game so throw records and rankings out the window. This was a huge win.

Lady Buffs 95, Lady Lions 51

The Ladies tried. The really did, but WTAMU is just a really good team. The Lady Buffs have been running roughshod over everyone they have been playing and as I much I wish it was not true, our group is just not ready to take on a team that we could see in the National Championship game. Hopefully, and even with a low seed, the Ladies can get into the tournament and pull off what they did last year against Abilene Christian.

Roar Back Here.....

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