Spring Football Game-5 Thoughts to Think About

What does the Spring Game Hold?

What does the Spring Game Hold?

I had planned on doing this, Oh, I don’t know about two weeks from now, but with the Spring Game being moved to this Saturday, I decided to hash out what are the 5 biggest things I have on my mind about the game, and the team that I am looking forward to seeing.

1. Quarterbacks-We might very well have the best QB situation in the Conference, maybe even in the entire nation in Division 2. I am curious to see what they show. Assuming that Rollison is healthy, and I have heard that he is, You have Rollison, Harrison Stewart, Deric Davis, and Trevor Lasseter. Now this also raises the question with such a logjam at the position and 1-3 being Seniors, should Davis be moved to either a REC position, maybe tight end or slot receiver? Davis is an athlete, very fast and strong, and it would be a shame for him to spend his Senior year on the bench. He is way too good of an athlete to not play at some position, even defense. I am sure that Carthel is contemplating something like that. The things I want from the respective QB’s are as follows.

Rollison-Is he healthy, and does he look better with over a year and a half in the offensive system that he knows well now.

Stewart-Can His big build and arm strength give Rollison a run for the Starter position, and can he become better as a deep ball passer?

Davis-What role is he going to play?

Lasseter-How much more mature is he, and with him being a Redshirt Freshman with a year on the dress roster, could he step in next year and be the starter when all 3 of the seniors graduate?

2. Run Defense-This has always intrigued me that we were able to hold down teams that could run very well, but the way they were destroyed in the bowl game and also with Eastern New Mexico putting up 42, what is it about the defense that makes it hard to stop a team that runs both a power game, like Angelo State, or a triple option/wishbone like attack  that is run effectively. With HC Carthel being defensive minded, I wonder what he has to make an improved defense better up front.

3. Running Game-Having to lean on a true freshman is usually not a great thing, but KJ Garrett is one heck of a running back. Our offense will need to have more than one guy to lean on. Garrett is going to be they main guy, but you have to have a complimentary back, especially in this offense.

4. Punting-I know that probably we wont see much of this, but it is going to be tough to replace Cameron Frosch on punts and kickoffs. The guy was so important during the year when we needed a good punt, and he always came through. I know that most teams do not want to punt because that means that you are scoring touchdowns, but every team does need a punter to get them out of jams when things go awry on offense, which they always do. Plus, Frosch was a great kickoff guy. I am hoping they will dedicate a few plays to see what we have.

5.Attendance-Two years ago heading into Guy Morriss’s last year, attendance was close to 1,000. Last year, with an unknown staff and only 37 players on the roster due to cuts and players quitting, and also an April night game, there were a lot of people there as well. I would like to see what the attendance is. Saturday is supposed to be overcast and a high in the 50’s, but with it being a mid day game on Saturday, it will be an indication of the temperature of the fan base is. I am hoping for a big crowd, and so long as the weather is not awful, I think we will be seeing quite a few people there.

2 thoughts on “Spring Football Game-5 Thoughts to Think About

  1. I think that Davis is a great quarterback. He hasn’t gotten a chance to showcase his real strengths. He needs to be able to get in with the #1 offensive line and allowed to get plays where he can throw the ball down field. He seems to get a lot of short pass calls. There needs to be more attention on true skills rather than using his height as a negative. I believe we have players in the NFL who have proven that a shorter quarterback CAN get the job done! How about Russell Wilson and Drew Breeze to name a couple?

  2. Oh I agree. I think Davis would start anywhere. He was always running for his life with how bad his line was the year he started, but if he is going to not be the starting QB, he needs to be on the field in some capacity. He is very fast and strong and has a rocket for an arm. I guess Carthel just sees something in Rollison and Stewart that makes them more desirable. I really like Deric though, met his mother at the SE Oklahoma State Game, very nice people, I want the guy on the field somehow.

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