Special Edition-The NewsWire-September 12

A couple of quick notes regarding Lion Athletics before I get into a more detailed write up of the post game thoughts that I had regarding the loss to Tennessee Tech.

Volleyball-Congrats are in order to Craig Case and his squad as they picked up their first 2 Division I wins in program history at the Appalachian State tournament. One was actually in Houston at Texas Southern against Texas Southern, and the other was against Presbyterian College at the App State tournament. They are still 2-8, but improvement is improvement. They face off against Stephen F. Austin at the SFA tournament this weekend.

Soccer-The Lion Women may only be 1-4-1 overall, but they are 1-0 in Southland Conference play. They face off with Conference favorite McNeese State on Friday night in Lake Charles.

Golf-We would like to Welcome Brian Dolehide to Commerce as the new Men’s Golf Coach. He comes to Commerce from Baylor, where he was an assistant. He played for 4 years at Florida Atlantic and was a State Champion in Illinois in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Football-This is what you all came here for. Sunday Morning, I posted 8 very open thoughts on the loss at Tennessee Tech. I got a lot of feedback for the article, most of it overwhelmingly supportive, but some of it was called harsh. I get that, I really do, and I don’t doubt it was. I had some people who I very much trust say they agreed with what I said, just not how I said it, and some had no idea at the absolute catastrophe the game ended up being. All that aside, I wanted to say this much, especially to the Coaches and to their loved ones who might be reading.

To Every single coach from David Bailiff to the least experienced Graduate and Student assistant. I am glad you are in Commerce. You all know when you came here how we expect to win here, and you all know what the fanbase expects. I want EVERY SINGLE ONE of you to succeed, because if you succeed, we succeed. The coaching staff is first class as far as the quality of people that we have. David Bailiff is a class act, and I am glad to have him here and his staff. WE WANT YOU IN COMMERCE, and we want you to succeed, and of all the coaches I have met, and I have met most of them, they are first class people who I am again to know are in Commerce.

Something for the coaches to know, is that the frustration coming from me is coming in the write up is from the majority of the fan base. We are afraid that that are sliding into mediocrity. We remember those days. The days of losing games we should have won, the days of not being taken seriously. We remember, and we do not want to go back. We also remember what a storied and proud program we have been for the majority of the time we have been playing football. We want to win, because we love our school and our team, which includes our coaches. We want you guys to win and win big. We support you 100% and with no questions asked, but when we continue to lose games in the same fashion, when we lose to teams we have no business losing to, when we lose because of the same strategies that do not work, everyone can see that. Coach Bailiff and his staff has shown us they can and do win. We remember 2019, and we know we might not get back to that in a little while, but as long as we are putting our best efforts from both players and coaches, we will be behind you guys and support you and let the chips fall where they may.

I have 3 generations of family that went this school that all saw great Football. Bob Berry, Ernest Hawkins, Colby Carthel and now David Bailiff. When we have that pride, that intense love our Alma Mater dear, we will do what we can to make sure it is protected. When this staff was hired, they knew what they were inheriting. They were inheriting Championship football. So to anyone who might have taken the article personally, please do not. We want you here, we want you to win and we support you 100%.

To the fans, we wanted Division I, well we got it. It is time to step up. EVERYONE. We need to be Division I quality fans, Division I quality Students, Division I quality donors. The season has just started, and the team we face is 0-2. It could be worse. Let’s all start stepping up. We are all Lions, its to for Lions To All Rise.

Roar Back Here.....

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