Texas A&M-Commerce-25, Tennessee Tech-26-8 Thoughts

  1. There is a reason we have a “cooling off” period after a loss. Tensions are always high. College football is a passion driven game and there are a lot of emotions before, during, and after the game. After we thought about what we were going to write, we came up with some things EVERYONE saw and that need to be corrected, and maybe we are going to say it with without the rancor that the subject deserves, but as fans, and the reason we created this community, it was for people to say their piece and have a place to do it, and that is what we are going to do.
  2. First off, the PLAYERS played hard. VERY hard. They played hard enough to win and should have. That being said, it was incredibly sloppy. WAY TOO MANY penalties. A lot of times there were looks to the sidelines and it did not look like the right hand knew what the left hand was doing. There was confusion and the players need to know that. We had way too many foolish penalties and way too many dropped passes, including one that was a point blank touchdown. That has to stop. Yes, I know, there was some questionable officiating with it being an Ohio Vally conference crew, but overall I felt the game was pretty decently officiated.
  3. Eric Rodriguez had a great game, but when he went out, we might as well have just stopped playing offense because that is what we looked like we did. The playcalling was one of defeat. Yes, Rodriguez is our guy (or maybe was, I have no idea about his health status) but when you lose your starting Quarterback, you can’t just close up shop on offense, you have to keep firing away. Jagger LaRoe played at Texas A&M and Ohio State FOR A REASON and its not because he is great at filling up the water bottles. The kid can play. So, you lose your starting Quarterback. You have to make it work with a back up and there was a game earlier that half the known world was watching where a starting Quarterback went down and his back up came in, and they did not go into a shell, the fired everything they had at the number 1 team in the country and almost pulled off a huge upset. Which leads me to my fourth point…
  4. This whole “Oh no, our stud QB is out, let’s just run the ball, take no chances, and let the defense win it for us.” That has not worked a single time, and of the 4 losses we had last year, that is what happened 3 times. We led at the half against West Florida, Saginaw Valley State, and Midwestern. Rather than finish them off, we sat back and let all of them crawl back into the game until it was like “Oh no, those other guys are still playing!” Of course they are still playing! What did you expect? That is what happens. It stresses and eventually EXHAUSTS your defense, and regardless of how well they play, a defense CANNOT be on the field for as many plays as they have been an expect to win. You have to have your Offense playing decently and special teams. That is why they created 3 sides of the football.
  5. The lack of killer instinct is really something that bothers me. I had some people mention the missed PAT earlier in the game. That played a very small role. The reason we lost last night is because It is so much bigger than that. We had these guys dead to rights and we just refused to finish them off. Same with Midwestern, Saginaw Valley, and West Florida last year. We have no killer instinct and that comes from the coaching staff, that HAS TO BE COACHED. The final offensive drive made me want to vomit because it shows you what the staff’s mentality is in close games. “Oh no, let’s retreat! We can’t fight anymore!” That is not the Lion spirit.
  6. The decisions by the coaching staff just really irks me. What in the world was that fake field goal attempt about? We just gave away a chance at 3 points by running some Mickey Mouse play, (but that would be an insult to Mickey Mouse). Then there was the bobbled field goal. The play clock was running down, there were not enough guys lined up and it resulted in a rushed bad snap. Agdabon hits that field goal if people are in the right place. So, what do you do? You either call a timeout or take the delay of game penalty and live to die another down. You don’t rush it. That never works. EVER.
  7. You can put 85% of this loss squarely at the feet of the coaching staff, period, the end. You are either coaching it, or allowing it to happen. I thought after the poor performances of last year they would have learned, but that does not appear to be so. Run out to a big lead, refuse to finish them off, call these vanilla plays once your star QB goes out, and then retreat, only to hang your defense out to dry after they have done EVERYTHING they can to win this game. Defense wins Championships, but NOT every single game EVERY SINGLE TIME. This is a very talented team that does not look well coached, and until the staff decides to start making adjustments, develop a killer instinct, get more aggressive on offense regardless of the opponent, and stop these carney act trick plays which do absolutely NOTHING except spit away points, it is going to be a tough road to go.
  8. Fans…..I know what I have written has been pretty harsh, but let’s remember they are Lions, let’s support them. Yes, it is ok to not be happy right now and even maybe a little harsh, but just remember if we did not care, we would not be as upset as we are now. I hope anyone who is associated with the program who is reading this takes this is a critique that is NOT PERSONAL in any way, because I personally like everyone we have on staff. We have just hit critical mass in these kind of losses, we expect better, and our players deserve better. Remember….”Fortune favors the bold”-Quintus Ennuis

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