Texas A&M-Commerce-72, Fort Lauderdale-6–Five Morning After Thoughts

  1. We Did Our Job-Despite the weather, and the rather low turnout the Lions did their jobs and that was put a beating on a team that was vastly inferior. Now, granted this was a game we knew would be our easiest on the schedule and most of the roster got to play, but teams like us are supposed to blow teams out like this, but not let them get out of hand, and that is how Bailiff and Co did it last night.
  2. Gritty Effort-Wanted to say to UFL, those guys did not back down. They scored on a pick 6 and played as physical as they could. They just didn’t have the horses to compete with us, and that is all there is to it. At the end of quarter 1, they had more yards on offense than we did and I am not so sure that if the kick returner they had did not get a seam, he might have taken 1-2 to the house. UFL was not chump pushover team, I just feel this Lion team has found an extra gear ever since the Kingsville game and is playing hard and playing through setbacks to find ways to win, and win big.
  3. This was the first game of a 3 game home stretch, next week we take on Saginaw Valley State. SVSU took it on the chin last night, but almost defeated Ferris State by taking them to overtime and losing by 2 points just 3 weeks ago. The Lions will face a more complete football team that has won a couple of impressive games and has shown they can score points. This is where you start the streak of showing the national polls that you could very well be undefeated if it had not been for a couple of things go wrong here and there. That being said, the focus is now on Saginaw Valley State and a big home win to get us two games over .500 would be a great morale booster, especially an out of conference win over another Division II school.
  4. 7 teams lost in the D2 top 25 yesterday. I listened with absolute glee as Midwestern State was beaten by a 3-2 Central Washington Team as I was driving back home last night. Not only does this show that anyone can be beaten, it shows there is probably far more parity in all of Division II that we thought. This is where having a strong schedule helps and yes, every so often, we need a cupcake to eat. A lot of guys got playing time last night that is necessary for development and that is an absolute necessity going forward into Division I.
  5. A lot of people I spoke with were concerned about the two earlier season losses in the year. Based on what I have seen, we need to win out and hope that maybe Midwestern loses one more time and that West Florida doesn’t lose another game. That happens, we should be in the playoffs. There does not appear to be a clear favorite in Super Region 4 right now, but that could change. Like I said, parity is there and more than we thought. This has been by far the most interesting season in covering the LSC since I started this gig 9 years ago. Again, just take it one game at a time, and look forward to THIS week, take care of business and do it all over again.

How the rest of the LSC fared-

Central Washington 30, #11 Midwestern State 20

UT Permian Basin vs. Simon Fraser, canceled

Eastern New Mexico 52, Lincoln (CA) 6

Angelo State 62, Western New Mexico 3

Western Oregon 41, West Texas A&M 38

Texas A&M Kingsville, idle

Next Week’s Schedule-

Texas A&M-Commerce VS. Saginaw Valley State

Angelo State @ West Texas A&M

Lincoln University (California) @ Texas-Permian Basin

Eastern New Mexico @ Western New Mexico

Texas A&M-Kingsville @ Midwestern State

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