2020 “Spring” Game-5 Thoughts

Football returns to Commerce, America for at least one day this Saturday, and I could not be more excited. To return to Commerce. To return to The Hawk. To see the improvements on our team and inside our stadium. I am excited and just cannot wait to see what we have going on. Here are 5 quick thoughts.

  1. Despite my prayers to the contrary, COVID is still affecting this game. We will be limited to 25% capacity and the east side stands will be closed. We seat just under 10,000 on the west side, I think we should be fine. I have no idea if there will be any kind of gatherings other than media and friends hobnobbing, but we will have put up with this for at least a little while longer. Something that most thought would be over by now is still a factor, but while I doubt we will have 2,500 at a scrimmage, you never know. So many of us are Football starved right now.
  2. One of the things I have noticed in the college football that has been played has been how sloppy many teams are in executing their game plan. I see it happen all the time. The teams that are clearly the better teams are winning, and the teams that are losing are not executing, that is why you are seeing so many close scores and also a lot of lopsided scores. That difference means usually a lack preparation or an insurmountable amount of talent that another team is playing. How well prepared is this team for 2021? We will see.
  3. Spring games always feature new and exciting new players. The question is who should we look for that will don the blue and gold for the first time? Who has come to Commerce either via the transfer portal or from the JUCO ranks? Also, with the redshirt freshmen on campus and fully in the program, who is going to look to be hitting the field as a true freshman that can contribute? That is always exciting to see.
  4. I am VERY excited to see what the offense is going to put forward. Miklo Smalls is back at QB and with an extra semester under his belt as the uncontested starter, I want to see how far he has come from his first season as the signal caller in 2019. Defensively, a 4-2-5 package is always a hard defense to play in, but even harder to score on when it has the right personnel. Early in 2019 the defense gave up some passing yards, but as the season ended, you saw the decrease of that and some outstanding defensive performances. Also, I am very excited to see how our specialists do. I have heard Jake Viquez has been really stretching his range, but I am wondering who will be the playmakers on special teams as important as they are.
  5. It will be great to be back in Commerce. New facility tour will be at noon, game starts at 2 PM and Saturday looks to be perfect, mostly sunny with a high of 72 as the game starts. There is finally something to look forward too for a lot of us. See you at The Hawk.

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