Cowboy Up: The case for the Dallas Cowboys signing (and developing) Luis Perez.

Most Texas A&M-Commerce Lion fans are Dallas Cowboys fans. That is due to a lot of reasons. We have had some great Lions play for America’s team (Harvey Martin, Wade Wilson, Alan Veingrad, Kevin Mathis). Also, just due to the proximity of the metro area places Commerce right in the heart of Dallas Cowboy country.

ALL Texas A&M-Commerce Lion fans are Luis Perez fans. Aside from being arguably the best Lion quarterback ever, he is in conversation for being one of the best to ever don the blue and gold for what he did on the field. Not just that, he is everything that we want our former players to be. Scholars, good people, productive members of society, and people who speak well of our institution.

I have tried to turn off the NFL due to what I thought would be the hyper- politicization of many things going on right now, but that has been surprisingly tame. One thing about this season that HAS NOT surprised me is the fact that once again, the Dallas Cowboys are vastly underperforming and when one starter goes down, it seems like the entire position goes up in flames. This happened when Tony Romo was quarterback. When he was out, the season was done, the lone exception being when Dak Prescott played his rookie season. Jerry Jones has been notoriously awful at signing back-up quarterbacks to his roster. That, along with his ego-centric micromanaging attitude that he controls everything “from jocks to socks” that he has practiced from the second he bought the team in the late 1980’s frequently puts the Cowboys in a bad position. This latest development with Dak Prescott having a season ending injury and then Andy Dalton getting knocked out brought in Ben DeNucci as the starter for last week’s game against Philadelphia. Now, Jones had to admit that DeNucci was not ready for an NFL game, leaving him to sign Garrett Gilbert and Cooper Rush. Gilbert has NFL and AAF experience, as does Rush. However, neither had been big time winners in their college years. Gilbert’s tenure at Texas was a disaster from the start, leaving him to transfer to SMU, where things were not that much better. Rush did have some success at a non-power 5 conference, but it was pretty limited, although he did throw for over 12,000 yards, that was in 4 seasons as the full time starter.

We all know what Luis Perez is capable of. In two years, he won 25 games and only lost 3. He threw for 3/4 of what Rush did in half the time. He won championships and was declared the best player in the entire country in NCAA Division II. We also know that he works, studies, and is constantly working to improve himself and overcome any weaknesses in his game and is an incredibly gifted football player aided by natural smarts and and a high football IQ. He went from riding the bench in the XFL to taking the starting spot for the New York Guardians. He earned the starting job in the AAF with the Birmingham Iron, beating out several former FBS power 5 quarterbacks. He has what it takes.

Current Cowboys Coach Mike McCarthy is a quarterback developer. For 3 seasons, he had Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn, and Graham Harrell as his 1-3 quarterbacks. When Flynn signed a large deal with Seattle and left Green Bay, Harrell moved up a spot and showed himself to be capable of running a pro style offense after being labeled a “system quarterback.” McCarthy’s offense is different that a lot of modern day offenses. Many QB’s who thrived in spread offenses in college find themselves doing well under McCarthy because of his ability to teach and coach and position, as well as understanding the X’s and O’s of offenses that are used for professional teams but are passer friendly. His work with Aaron Rodgers is probably the best example of this has he had the former California Bear sit a few years before he took the reigns in Green Bay and then became a full out NFL star and is now a future hall of fame player. This article is quite insightful-

McCarthy has been known to take complete unknowns and develop them into star players. Luis Perez already has a lot intangibles, but imagine a quarterback that has already a high IQ for the position, the ability to make plays and understands and excels at reading coverages, knows how to command an offense and most importantly, wins. If Jerry Jones, who prides himself on making good investments, wants to make one, then here is one very promising investment, especially with who you have as head coach and the type of quarterback you would be signing.

Luis is 26, which means he is in the early to mid part of his prime from a quarterback life span perspective. Tom Brady and Drew Brees aside, many check out in less than a decade from that age. However, with the NFL making playing QB less a danger and giving 40 year old men starting jobs, who knows what this could do for Perez, and what he could do for the Cowboys. The type of offense that McCarthy runs, along with the ceiling being so high for Perez, you could have at the worst, a dependable quarterback who develops into a bonafide starter for any team and is leverage to use for free agency or maybe go somewhere as a journeyman.

Or maybe, the return on that investment is that you have a kid who quit his second year of high school football to bowl, only to return to the gridiron a couple of years later and become one of the best quarterbacks in the history of Division II college football. He could wear that silver star, or if things really get good, he could give Cowboy fans what we have been wanting since 1995, a Super Bowl trophy, and he could do that if given a chance to develop and thrive.

Even with Kellen Moore’s suspect playcalling.

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