Minor Thoughts…Playoffs Round 3

Well Lions fans, here we are again in the the Great North in December once again. It feels like deja vu all over again. And man wouldn’t it be great if the ending were the same? Well this 2019 pride of Lions have really turned some heads. They play with a passion that permeates thru all of their fans. They are a likable resilient bunch and loved by all. I was talking to a fellow alumni who’s a legacy member and his dad is in a nursing home in Greenville. Well over the holiday break, Coach Bailiff and some of the team paid a visit to the nursing home just to greet and meet the people there. I thought to myself, what an absolute kind and wonderful jester. These Lions are really doing it right. They didn’t ask for it to be blown up in the media so they can get sympathy points or anything like that. I know they do a lot of community service in the area and sure that particular home wasn’t the only one they visited. Kudos once again to not only the type coach that Coach Bailiff is but also the person we are becoming to know him as. Also a even bigger congrats to AD Tim McMurray for his incredible talent of locating the right coaches and putting them in the right positions. Jerry Jones, are you paying attention to how to find the right people and put them in the right spot and get out the way. Have your secretary call Tim’s and set up a dinner meeting…you can learn a few things I promise.

On to the game. It’s another match-up against a top 10 undefeated team. Once again I feel confident that as long as we do those key things we have repeated over and over again we will find ourselves in the National Semi-finals once again. Minnesota State likes to run the football…a lot. We we have shown a knack for…you guessed it, stopping the run. The run this defense has been on is one of, if not the most remarkable ones I have witnessed. This is definitely championship level. But to think how they have done it with so many different personnel is what is truly amazing. No stand outs. A pure team effort of the two deep lineup. Greatness in its purest form. It will probably be a close game but look for the Lions to grind and finish strong once more and maybe with the reseeding after this week, another semifinal at Memorial Stadium. With the team getting healthier, like my colleague Russell says…”Why not us?” #seeyouatthehawk

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