Minor Thoughts…Week 10

Hello Lions fans and family. I am back behind the keyboard after a few week hiatus of personal and family time. I have been staying up to date with the Lions and definitely had thoughts, but just didn’t have time to add them to the site. With that being said, here we go.

Recapping the last couple weeks saw a tough loss at Tarleton followed up with an impressive bounce back week against Western New Mexico. Then last week we saw a game that this team has to be capable of winning and that they did. Playing far from a perfect game, the Lions dug deep in the 4th quarter and showed some spunk after being tied and finished off a very improved WTAMU team that is regionally ranked in their brand spanking new stadium live on ESPN3 (man did they look good on TV or what).

With the loss to TSU, in essence, the playoffs had already begun. A third loss will pretty much end any hopes of making it to the playoffs for the Lions. The sense of urgency they have responded with has been impressive. The key now is to keep it going. We know they won’t be perfect all the time as we saw last week but they will have to be perfect at times when called upon in order to play an extended season. Now we are faced with an opponent who can be classified as a “trap” game. On paper looks to be a team we should handle relatively easily. Of course, we thought the same thing last season when we barely made it out of Ratliffe Stadium with a close victory. No surprises this season. They are coming into the Hawk facing a hungry Lion in it’s den. We know ASU is around the corner waiting with a chip on their shoulder but we cannot look past this weeks dinner. We must feast and feast heartily. This pack of Lions seems to a little more resilient than years past. They don’t play like they’re full like last years group. The play like they are starving and hungry which is the kind that is fearful. Still have a little too much “swag” with the unnecessary penalties and all but we can get that toned down and just feast and it will carry us to another opportunity to compete for a national championship which is all we can ask for at this point.

Congrats to Miklo Smalls on another player of the week honor. This kid is pretty good. He checks off all the boxes you want in a leader of young men at the QB position.  Elusive, accurate and mobile. A deadly combination of skills and then you add smartness to it and wow. He will be fun to watch going forward. All phases are hitting on high cylinders. These guys remember the near debacle in Odessa last season and I feel they will put up a well enough performance that will see a big difference on the scoreboard by the end of the game. Like I said, these Lions play hungry. #seeyouatthehawk

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