Minor Mid-week Thoughts…Week 7

Before I get into my thoughts I just want to congratulate all the 2019 Hall of Honor, Bobby Fox Award Winners, and Hall of Fame Class. It was an excellent program put on by TAMUC and props to Blake Cooper for an excellent job hosting. It is always great seeing old friends and teammates and chopping it up. That brings the number of teammates/coaches in the HOF that I played with up to 17 along with 1 team (1990). Therefore it is pretty obvious that I was blessed to play with some phenomenal talent as there is still a lot of guys who haven’t got the call to the Hall yet. More on that later.

Well here we are on the cusp of the biggest game of the season. Coming off a very huge win at home against the little ponies from MSU we go right to the final battle for the presidents cup against defending LSC champ and #4 ranked TSU. What another efficient performance by the Lions at the HOF day game. A very solid win against a perennial thorn in our paw type team for the last few seasons, the guys actually handled them pretty easily…and man what a joy it was to watch. I hope our Lions enjoyed that one but there is a big fish on the line for next week in Stephenville.

TSU is fat and full. They are ranked #4 in the D2 and deservedly so. To me, they kind of came out of nowhere last season and took the LSC by storm. The announcement earlier of them going to D1 was a bit of a shock to me as I haven’t envisioned them as a D1 program but that is their issue. They are confident, arrogant and have every right to be so. That also makes them ripe for the taking. If we can display the same type of balanced efficiency running and passing as we did last week and throw some discipline and a get off the field on 3rd down conversions type defense we can catch them and throw a big bump on their “we going D1 campaign.” One of the TSU fans stated on the D2 message board that they should beat us as long as they don’t “shoot themselves in the foot.” Well I think as long as we don’t do the same that this is a very winnable game for us. The defense is only beginning to scratch the surface of their capabilities. The Offense has displayed signs of the championship type levels from 2 seasons ago also. It is a great time to get behind these guys and onto the bandwagon. Make no mistake about it. This is for the LSC championship. These Texans feel they have it in the bag. Yet they have failed to realize that our paw has a hold of the same bag. All we have to do is take it. And believe me it is there for the taking. A win in Stephenville will be huge. Taking down a top 5 team. Taking control of the LSC race for the championship. A bit jump in the polls. All we have to do, TAKE THE BAG! I expect a large constituency to show up and support the Lions this weekend as they go and take the bag from the Texans and bring them back to what their reality will be.

Nice turnout at the HOF ceremony this weekend but it can be a lot better. I am asking all former Lions to please plan for at the very least one Saturday next year…HOF weekend. Last years turnout wasn’t very good (I couldn’t make it myself due to previous engagement) but it definitely improved. Next year I’d like to see the whole room full and as many of the HOF members sitting on stage possible. Taylor Phelps and Judy Sackfield do a great job or reaching out and supporting former players and donors with the pregame and halftime lounge availability at the stadium after the tailgating experience . We need to support the program and Taylor Phelps (taylor.phelps@tamuc.edu, 903.886.5554) is the man to contact in order to do that. Just $10 a month can do so much to continue the improvements currently taking place and keep the momentum going. We have a great AD in Tim McMurray that is also doing a fantastic job in keeping us up with all the D2 schools in the nation. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming and our continued support of the the Lions.

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